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Rev. Christian Coon is Named Director of Congregational Development

Bishop Dan Schwerin has appointed Rev. Christian Coon as Northern Illinois Conference Director of Congregational Development, effective July 1. Rev. Coon will follow Rev. Martin Lee, who retires on July 1.

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Nic At Celebration

40-year ban on gay clergy struck down

Without debate, General Conference removed the UMC’s ban on the ordination of clergy who are “self-avowed practicing homosexuals” —a prohibition that dates to 1984.

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Group At Lincoln Statute Getting Ready To March

NIC’s Lobby Day uses lessons of the past to change the present

Early in the morning of 18 April 2024, 22 members of the Northern Illinois Conference Anti-Racism Task Force, many of whom had participated in last year’s Civil Rights Pilgrimage, boarded a bus or piled into cars to descend on Springfield to speak to state legislators about issues of racial injustice that concern us—with a focus on environmental justice, the school to prison pipeline, and immigration.

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Martin Lee New 5 2024 Cmyk

Mentors and the lessons of humility

As I begin my retirement from appointed ministry in the Northern Illinois Conference, I recall the mentors who gave me hope and encouraged high expectations. 

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Arts Culture 2024 Logo

Series embraces the rich diversity of music, art and history

The art and culture of different ethnicities is the 2024 focus for the NIC Anti-Racism Task Force series. They will piece together a variety of experiences and learning in “The Quilting of America: Celebrating the Diversity of God’s Children.”  

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Joy Camp Img1 Cmyk

JOY Camp welcomes fifth-graders through high schoolers

Young people starting fifth grade through newly graduated high-school students can participate in JOY Camp, June 23-29, a popular camp annually at Camp Reynoldswood, Dixon, IL. All are welcome, regardless of where they are in their journey of faith. 

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