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Ac24 Laity Session Discussion 5 Cmyk

Stronger Together: A time to celebrate our connexion

"Our Northern Illinois Conference has many reasons to celebrate," observes Rev. Fabiola Grandon-Mayer, Northern Illinois Conference's director of connectional ministries. "Although we are not all the same, come from diverse backgrounds, and have different opinions, we are one in Christ Jesus. As we work for the kin-dom, we are not islands; we are one body working together to make a difference in this world."  

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One Matters Award

2024 One Matters Awards

The Northern Illinois Conference recognized five churches with the One Matters Award. The United Methodist Church’s Discipleship Ministries created this recognition to encourage congregations that in the previous year increased baptisms and professions of faith from zero to at least one. The UMC believes that each person matters.

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Nic At Gc 1 Smaller

Northern Illinois United Methodists Working and Helping at General Conference

General Conference takes thousands of people to help the event run smoothly and do its work. United Methodists from across Northern Illinois participated in General Conference 2020 in many different ways. 

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Group At Lincoln Statute Getting Ready To March

NIC’s Lobby Day uses lessons of the past to change the present

Early in the morning of 18 April 2024, 22 members of the Northern Illinois Conference Anti-Racism Task Force, many of whom had participated in last year’s Civil Rights Pilgrimage, boarded a bus or piled into cars to descend on Springfield to speak to state legislators about issues of racial injustice that concern us—with a focus on environmental justice, the school to prison pipeline, and immigration.

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Fresh Expressions 1 Cmyk

Fresh Expressions ministries give hope for the future of the church

In a time of uncertainty about what the future of The United Methodist Church—and most denominations—will look like, Fresh Expressions brings some hopeful direction. You may have heard of “church” taking place in some unusual places in some unusual ways, such as dinner church and pub hymn-sings. These are examples of Fresh Expressions, an intentional, interdenominational creative movement of Christians who bring the gospel to those who would probably never come to a traditional church setting.

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Hardin Hermann Wendycr

Bishop Announces New Prairie Central District Superintendent

Bishop Dan Schwerin has announced the appointment of Rev. Wendy Hardin Hermann as Prairie Central District superintendent, effective July 1, 2024. Rev. Hardin Hermann currently serves at Mt. Prospect: Trinity and will follow Rev. Jeffry Bross, who has been appointed as lead pastor at Libertyville United Methodist Church effective July 1, 2024.  

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