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The Northern Illinois Reporter is printed 10 times year by the Northern Illinois Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church. Original material is copyright © Northern Illinois Conference of The United Methodist Church.

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Submission Guidelines

Please submit items at least two weeks prior to publication date. Include your name, address, email, phone number and name of local church. Space is limited.
Electronic submissions are preferred with high-resolution attached jpegs. Submissions will be edited at the discretion of the Communications staff.

Welcome to the new Reporter

You have probably noticed that we’ve freshened up the look of The Northern Illinois Reporter. We have made some changes that we hope you will enjoy.

We’ve chosen a larger typeface, to make the text gentler on the eyes. We have chosen type fonts and layouts that will hope will make it easier for your to scan the pages. We are also opening up the design a bit, giving it a bit more “air,” to help you quickly find the stories you’d like to read first.

We remain committed to printing stories of the many inspiring ministries happening in our churches and those we participate in together through faithful and generous giving. You will continue to receive information from across the international United Methodist Church, to keep you apprised of compassionate mission work, helpful resources, and opportunities for all to grow in faith and share God’s love with others through word and actions.

Change requires a bit of adjustment, but our hope is that these adjustments make The Reporter even more valuable to you. Let us know whether you find these helpful.

The faithful apportionment giving of Northern Illinois churches delivers The Reporter to you.

Victoria Rebeck, Director of Communications & Editor
Lisa Smith, Communications Specialist & Designer

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