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Disaffiliating Congregation Disengages with Required Process

Korean United Methodist Church in Naperville has taken extraordinary steps to end its relationship to the denomination. Some members--and the police they summoned--barred NIC staff members from entering the church building on May 28.

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Pilgrims Marching Across Edmund Pettus Bridgecr

‘Broken but Changed Hearts’: NIC Pilgrims Trace the Civil Rights Journey

In late April 2023, a racially diverse group of 37 Northern Illinois clergy and lay people took a Civil Rights Pilgrimage to key historic sites where Black Americans courageously pursued freedom and justice.

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Solar Panels By Moritz Kindler

Green Community Outreach Earns Grants for Hartzell Memorial and Grace (Logan Square) UMCs

Many churches would love to have more money available to serve their communities with Christ’s love—and to become more environmentally responsible at the same time. Grace United Methodist Church, Logan Square, and Hartzell Memorial United Methodist (both in Chicago) recently received Chicago Recovery Grants that will make this possible.

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Bishop Dan Schwerin May 2023

Bishop's Column: Broken Connections, Healing Connections

These days are full of broken connections: hate crimes, mass shootings, people undermining their ministry with misinformation, and more. These can remind us of the importance of being grounded in our bodies and in our relationships.

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Wesley Bros Knowledge Is Power

Juneteenth Is for All God's Children

In 1866, Black Americans learned that the Emancipation Proclamation had freed them from slavery 2 years earlier. The next year, Black Americans began celebrating this historic day through Juneteenth celebrations. Over time, annual observances spread to other states. These often include prayer, religious services, educational events, and festivals.

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DYK? An Invitation for All

The sacrament of the Lord’s Supper unites us beyond denominational lines and draws us back into the basics of Jesus’s teaching and witness as he fulfilled God’s promise of salvation for all of creation.

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