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Shepherding Team

Shepherding Team

The Annual Conference Shepherding Team aids  the Northern Illinois Conference in coordinating the work of the conference ministry areas and advancing the conference's stated goals.

ACST's Role:

The Annual Conference Shepherding Team was created to advance the overall mission of the Northern Illinois Conference by ensuring the proper use and alignment of resources to achieve it. The ACST serves as a place for consultation, advice, and decision-making, and provides connections between conference administrative and ministry areas, the cabinet, District Shepherding Teams, and local churches. It serves to build trust, collaboration, and accountability in the conference’s responsibility to live out its mission.

Specifically, the ACST is:

  • A council of advisers to the bishop and conference leadership
  • A decision-making body between annual conference sessions and for those items not requiring conference action
  • A contributor to the overall budgeting process with final review prior to annual conference session
  • The oversight body for the District Shepherding Teams in collaboration with the district superintendents
  • An adaptive learning organization that provides insights and teaching about effective leadership in the 21st century church  

(Approved March 7, 2024)

District Shepherding Teams

Directed by the ACST, these teams coordinate the equipping of local churches so that they might be faithful, Christ-centered communities of worship, prayer, witness and change and enhance the connection between local churches, the districts, and the NIC.


Co-Chairs: Mark Manzi and Rev. KyungHae Anna Shin
Members of the team include lay and clergy from various NIC ministry areas and districts. 

NIC's Goals, as Approved at the 2019  Annual Conference Session:

  • To grow and reach new disciples of Jesus Christ; 
  • To live out the conviction that racism is incompatible with Christian teaching; and 
  • To increase the number of highly vital congregations. 
Shepherding Members

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