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Gavels From Original Log Cabin Wood

DYK: Leaning into the past to plan the future

With the decision of our North Central Jurisdictional Conference delegates to move the Wisconsin Conference and Northern Illinois Conference into a relationship of sharing a bishop (not merger) beginning in September, we to can lean into our past to plan for the future.  

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DYK: The Power of Connecting

One of the strengths of the United Methodist Church is our connectional nature. We are a denomination that values the strength of the whole, knowing we can do more to the glory of God when we combine our prayers and resources then we could ever do alone. That sense of community, support, and strength for the mission is part of our ethos.

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DYK: Our reach goes beyond the parish

On Nov. 11, North Central College installed their eleventh president, Dr. Anita Jones Thomas. This Midwest institution is more than home to a winning football team.  North Central College traces its roots to the early faith movements that spread across our country.

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DYK Leading with Presence in uncertain times

This is the season of assessment and planning for most organizations. As we near the end of the year, our congregations are gathering for their church conference. They will reflect on the past and plan their future. This cycle of reflection (evaluation) and planning is important for any organization. This work happens at many levels in an annual conference: in congregations’ committees; at the Annual Conference Shepherding Team table, where chairs and leaders of the conference gather to coordinate and collaborate; in Cabinet meetings, and on the floor of the annual conference session.

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DYK: Attend your church conference—you are a link in the connection

Church conferences focus on electing leaders, setting the pastor’s salary, approving the church’s budget (if available), recommending candidates for ministry, and approving lay speakers. The event also includes a time to review and affirm the congregation’s plans for ministry and mission and learning about the work of the conference and the wider United Methodist Church.These meetings are part of the fabric of our connectional nature. Through the connectional system, we are involved in God’s mission together. Together, we are able to do more than if we remained alone.

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DYK? It’s School Time

While we prepare our children for their classes, teachers, administrators, and a vast array of staff prepare buildings, classrooms, and lesson plans. They review the safety and security of the school buildings and playgrounds. Today is a good day to stop and think about all that goes into providing our children with a safe and welcoming environment for learning. Today is a good day to thank those who do this work.

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