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Bishop Message: The Beauty and Efficacy of Diversity

Along with many others (not just women, but many women), the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and all the articles and memorials to her life and contributions to our country have been inspiring to me. It’s been a glimmer of beauty in the midst of what have been some troubling times.  

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Dyck Sally

Bishop's Monday Message: Between a rock and a hard place

Have you ever felt caught between a rock and a hard place? The Israelites were definitely caught between a rock and a hard place as they are attempting to escape the oppression of slavery and Pharaoh. I would encourage you to read the story in Exodus 14. But you may know it.

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Bishop's Appeal Update: School passes inspection

On Sept. 11 God’s miracle happened. The first school inspection was successfully completed because God made a way in an impossible situation. When we failed to reach 75% of construction by August 2020 according to the Ministry of Education, a light of HOPE to open the school in Jan. 2021 was almost gone.

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Dyck Sally

Bishop's Monday Message: Nevertheless!

“I don’t know how much more I can take!” I’ve heard people say—people I know, people interviewed in the news around our country. It’s just a pile on of uncertainty, suffering, destruction, and death. It’s been a tough year!

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Bishop's Monday Message: Make Summer's End Count!

Summer is nearly over! I know autumn doesn’t really begin for a few more weeks, but when September comes, it feels like summer is over.  Students are returning to school—online or in-person, both bring their stresses. The days are getting shorter—that’s what makes me sad. I’m now setting out on my morning run in the dark again. Even if we haven’t felt the cooling of the air yet, we know it’s just around the corner!  

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Returning to church

The COVID-19 pandemic took no vacation this summer and continued to bring more uncertainties and changes for United Methodist congregations and pastors across the Northern Illinois Conference. As the state of Illinois entered the Revitalization Phase 4 of the Restore Illinois Plan in June, church leaders took a closer look at their own plans to safely return to their buildings and in-person services.

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