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The Three “P’s” of Lay Membership to Annual Conference

PREPARATION is the first step in the role of being a Lay Member to Annual Conference. Whether this is your first or 31st time as an Annual Conference member, PREPARATION for the conference gathering is key.

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Shepherding Team introduces top Conference goals

After months of deep dive conversations, assessments, studies, analyses, strategic planning, and visioning, the Northern Illinois Conference Shepherding Team’s (ACST) work has culminated in legislation with a recommendation of three top goals for the Conference

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Bishops offer pastoral word; make key decisions at May 2019 meeting

The Council of Bishops of The United Methodist Church completed its May 2019 meeting held outside Chicago with a pastoral and prophetic word in response to the decisions of the Special Session and the codification of some of those decisions in the Book of Discipline.

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Hispanic/Latinx church planters learn and share together

Bishop Sally Dyck delivered a message to more than 25 Hispanic/Latinx and Brazilian church planters from across the country at their first-time gathering in Northbrook on May 3. 

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Council of Bishops Meeting

The Council of Bishops meets in Rosemont this week which is their first meeting following the Judicial Council rulings on the Traditional Plan. Bishop Sally Dyck talks about how the conversations have been honest and fruitful.

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Sympathy Notice: Molly O. Holtsford

Mrs. Molly O. Holtsford, surviving spouse of deceased clergy Rev. Philip Holtsford of the Northern Illinois Conference, passed away on Friday, May 2, 2019.

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