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Quarterly Youth Leader Gathering

Sponsored by the collaboration of the NIC Discipleship Taskforce and Anti-Racism Taskforce, this is our second quarterly gathering for youth leaders across our conference.

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A Welcoming State

On August 31st, the first bus arrived in Chicago, and local organizations were there to receive them. Northern Illinois Justice for Our Neighbors' volunteers witnessed families get off the bus in need of food, clothing, medical attention, and many other basic needs. We coordinated with our partners to help these families find shelters where they could eat, shower, and get some rest.

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North Central Jurisdiction delegates to elect up to three bishops

Delegates from 10 annual conferences across the Midwest will gather in FortWayne, Ind., Nov. 2-5 for a regular session of the North Central Jurisdictional Conference, where up to three new bishops will be elected.

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Bishop's Column: Run the Race, Pass the Baton

I received the baton of spiritual leadership in the Northern Illinois Conference from Bishop Dyck, who received it from Bishop Jung, who received it from Bishop Sprague, who received it from Bishop Duecker, who received it from Bishop Dewitt. Now it is time that I pass the baton to another bishop.

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DYK: How Tall is He?

For the last two years, the Northern Illinois Conference has been led by interim Bishop John L. Hopkins. As we move into the last couple of months of the year, our attention turns to the announcement of a new bishop and the transition into a new era. Before that transition takes place, I want to celebrate the leadership of our interim bishop and invite you to reminisce on this two-year journey. 

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Church and Society Legislation Resources

At the last Annual Conference, the NIC Church and Society committee sponsored several pieces of legislation. Over the next year, we will be providing more information on some of those resolutions that passed. Our first topic will be resolution 700.09, Let’s Overcome Christian Nationalism.

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