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New Episcopal Area Has a Name, Conferences’ Task Forces Agree

The name of the new episcopal area that will include the Wisconsin Conference and the Northern Illinois Conference is the Northern Illinois–Wisconsin Episcopal Area. Meeting on Feb. 26 in Kenosha, the task forces in both conferences that are working on sharing a bishop starting Sept. 1 agreed on this name.

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Bishop Announces Assistant to the Bishop Transition

Rev. Arlene Christopherson, the Northern Illinois Conference assistant to the bishop, will retire on Sept. 1. Rev. Danita Anderson will follow her in that role.

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Fresh Expressions ministries give hope for the future of the church

In a time of uncertainty about what the future of The United Methodist Church—and most denominations—will look like, Fresh Expressions brings some hopeful direction. You may have heard of “church” taking place in some unusual places in some unusual ways, such as dinner church and pub hymn-sings. These are examples of Fresh Expressions, an intentional, interdenominational creative movement of Christians who bring the gospel to those who would probably never come to a traditional church setting.

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Bishop Containers And Fresh Expressions

From Your Bishop: Containers and Fresh Expressions

Lent is a container—or a set of training wheels that give way to whatever grace has done in us and through us all. We have this season in time to be formed and set free for the newness of Easter. We are Holy Spirit people, a movement. Followers and sojourners. The walk of faith is contemplative, sure, but the Spirit is always moving.

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Kingdom Assignment provides love ripples

The ripple effect of love was felt throughout the Belvidere community and beyond when the people of First United Methodist Church in Belvidere turned $100 bills into acts of compassion. Over 20 projects were initiated with the money. Some took the opportunity to partner with other members to make the money go further, some people took the money and made an individual impact, and some members reached out to other close family friends and associates and asked them to take part in their projects. 

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Grace Word In Hands Cmyk

Leading the Laity: Reviving and Extending Grace

Let us celebrate anew these forty days of Lent from Ash Wednesday to Psalm Sunday and finally, to Resurrection Sunday. This is a sincere time for prayer, reflection, repentance, and forgiveness as we consider the very essence of what, who and whom we are as United Methodist siblings. We believe in and live in the covenant of grace under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.  

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