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Northern Illinois Conference seeks to yield to God’s leading: 2024 Conference Summary

Observing a Wesleyan spiritual practice rather rallying around a slogan, members of the 2024 session of the Northern Illinois Conference of met from June 16 to 18 in Schaumburg to yield to God as they recognized ministry milestones, worshiped, and voted on policies and resolutions. 

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Leading the Laity: We’ve come this far by faith

"For us, the only constant is change itself," says Eugene Williams, Northern Illinois Conference co-lay leader. "The world is ever-changing, but God is still the same. So let us continue to embrace this season of experimentation and possibilities with hope and with love. Let us seek opportunities for new growth to go forward with love to meet each other wherever we may be found."

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A trip begins an eye-opening journey

Toni Lucas, a certified lay minister, experienced her work with the Northern Illinois Conference Anti-Racism Task Force as "an eye-opener for this elderly Caucasian country girl." She adds that for her, it was "a shock it has been to learn that racism is built into the American life. . . . Thank you, Northern Illinois Conference, for the opportunity to learn and grow." 

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Leading the Laity: Choose love over fear

As we revel in and appreciate the mighty acts of Christ during Holy Week and on Resurrection Sunday, allow me to remind us all that Eastertide does not end until the book of Revelation. Though we celebrate the season of Lent anew each year as a reminder of the mighty acts of Christ, the fact is, Easter never ends. That is why we are called Easter People. 

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Kingdom Assignment provides love ripples

The ripple effect of love was felt throughout the Belvidere community and beyond when the people of First United Methodist Church in Belvidere turned $100 bills into acts of compassion. Over 20 projects were initiated with the money. Some took the opportunity to partner with other members to make the money go further, some people took the money and made an individual impact, and some members reached out to other close family friends and associates and asked them to take part in their projects. 

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Leading the Laity: Reviving and Extending Grace

Let us celebrate anew these forty days of Lent from Ash Wednesday to Psalm Sunday and finally, to Resurrection Sunday. This is a sincere time for prayer, reflection, repentance, and forgiveness as we consider the very essence of what, who and whom we are as United Methodist siblings. We believe in and live in the covenant of grace under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.  

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