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NIC & Wisconsin Conferences Share Values and Will Share a Bishop

Conversations among leaders of the Wisconsin and Northern Illinois Conference express increasing confidence and enthusiasm for the conference’s sharing a bishop beginning Sept. 1. At their most recent joint meeting--on Dec. 19 in Rockford, Ill.--conference lay leaders, ministry directors (lay and clergy), and representative full cabinet members from both conferences took a deeper look at the practical details of sharing a bishop.

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From Your Bishop:Yielding all things for what is to come

Wesley’s Covenant Service has been recommended for Methodists who gather on New Year’s Eve to worship, leave behind a year, and cross the threshold of a new one. More deeply, Methodists were to receive new life afresh. The core petition of the prayer at the heart of the service is, “I freely and heartily yield all things to thy pleasure and disposal.”

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Northern Illinois Conference prepares for its 185th session

Under the theme “Yield,” clergy and elected lay members will gather for Northern Illinois Conference’s 185th session, June 16-18, at the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center, 1551 N. Thoreau Dr., Schaumburg, IL.

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From Your Bishop: We Belong to Each Other

John Wesley taught that the covenants of Methodist polity affirm that we share for the good of the whole, be it the trust clause, the appointment, or the apportionment. I write today to ask you to pray and consider how to finish well and move toward 100 percent payment of all your church’s apportioned items, both conference and general church apportionments.

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From Your Bishop... Faithful living in the unknown

God still chooses to share the work of co-creation. Might the giver of all grace have second thoughts about sharing the work of creation with humankind?

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Bishop Schwerin Calls for Prayer After Plainfield Hate Crime

We hold this Plainfield family, the Muslim community, the Palestinian community, and the Jewish community around the world in our prayers and relief efforts.

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