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Bishop's Monday Message: Make Summer's End Count!

Summer is nearly over! I know autumn doesn’t really begin for a few more weeks, but when September comes, it feels like summer is over.  Students are returning to school—online or in-person, both bring their stresses. The days are getting shorter—that’s what makes me sad. I’m now setting out on my morning run in the dark again. Even if we haven’t felt the cooling of the air yet, we know it’s just around the corner!  

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Returning to church

The COVID-19 pandemic took no vacation this summer and continued to bring more uncertainties and changes for United Methodist congregations and pastors across the Northern Illinois Conference. As the state of Illinois entered the Revitalization Phase 4 of the Restore Illinois Plan in June, church leaders took a closer look at their own plans to safely return to their buildings and in-person services.

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Dyck Sally

Bishop's Column: Following the Rule of Christ

We’ve all been social distancing now for at least five and a half months and counting. COVID-19 has limited our social circles (or should have), it's cut short our opportunities for fun and recreation, and has dashed many of the plans we've had for ourselves. The pandemic has raged around the world and has become politicized in our country (to the detriment of us all).

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Dyck Sally

Bishop's Monday Message: Ordinary Time

There are several moments that are, for want of a better word, “delicious.” It’s when you get home after the last day at work before you go on vacation. The whole vacation stretches before you. It just doesn’t get better than that! It’s that moment when you finish cleaning your house and there is a nanosecond when it’s clean. Don’t anyone move, walk, sit, or do anything else to muss it!

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Interim Bishop announced to serve NIC in 2021

A couple of months ago, the NCJ bishops (called the College of Bishops) began to meet and discuss how to provide coverage for the NIC during the 2021 year. In consultation with the NCJ Committee on Episcopacy, the NIC Committee on Episcopacy, and the NIC cabinet, a strong preference was made for a retired bishop to provide coverage. 

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Clergy Session Held Virtually

For the first time, clergy gathered not in-person all together but behind a computer screen or on the phone from their homes or offices for the annual Clergy Session while practicing social distancing guidelines due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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