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National Hispanic Heritage Month 2

Hispanic Heritage Month in NIC celebrates vital ministries

The Hispanic/Latinx community is one of the largest demographic groups in the U.S., with a population of 62.1 million. In Northern Illinois, the Hispanic/Latinx population is 1.9 million and continues to grow rapidly. This makes Hispanic Heritage Month—Sept. 15 to Oct. 15—very important to The United Methodist Church as a whole and our conference in particular. It’s a time we set aside to celebrate and appreciate the contribution of the Hispanic/Latinx community in our country and our churches.

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Keep The Dream Alive March

NIC United Methodists keep the dream alive

On Aug. 27, United Methodists and friends assembled at the First United Methodist Church–Chicago Temple for “Keep the Dream Alive” to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the March on Washington. Participants filled the sanctuary for worship and later moved across the street to Daley Plaza for a peaceful rally and march against racism.

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NIC congregations leading solar energy use save money and care for God’s creation

Net zero requires abatement of our emissions. We must eliminate carbon-producing activity. This will require our being less reliant on fossil fuels by pursuing efficient energy use, electrification, and renewables. A key action is to go solar.

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Children blossom as readers and confident students in St. Mark UMC’s Freedom School

St. Mark United Methodist Church in Chicago’s Chatham neighborhood has been especially busy this summer. Some of its rooms were buzzing with the sound of children dancing, moving, or discussing a story they heard read aloud that day. After lunch, though, the building would settle into 15 minutes of stillness, when children and adults were quietly reading.

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Leading the Laity: Take time to restore your soul: find your own quiet center

We hear the phrase “self-care” a lot these days. The concept dates back millennia. Maybe now is a good time to revisit wise words from the Holy book. Open up to Psalm 23 and offer a reviving drink to your thirsting heart and soul.

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Mission Trip

Many churches and youth are participating in Mission Trips this summer

Many churches are starting up Mission Trips after a pause or change due COVID. It is great to see everyone being the hands and feet of Christ in our word.

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