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Anti-Racism Task Force

Goal: To Live Out the Conviction that Racism is Incompatible with Christian Teaching



Racism is a sin, and The United Methodist Church is committed to challenging the unjust power structures that support it and working for equality in all areas of life.

Anti-Racism Task Force Vision for 2020

NIC Cabinet statement call to resist racism

Upcoming Events/Resources: 

  • NEW Dismantling Racism discussion
    The next Dismantling Racism panel discussion is next Wednesday, October 7, at noon CDT. The panel will be discussing voter suppression. In the meantime, view and share a collection of videos from previous discussions, as well as other denominational Stand Against Racism events. Watch on demand.
  • #30DaysAntiRacism 
    Join us this September for 30 days of anti-racism. Each day we will engage in an activity that helps us to become more anti-racist in the ways we think and act. Share your progress with a picture or a reflection using #30DaysAntiRacism. Click to learn more.
  • Online Course on Race from GCORR
    "You Are Here: First Steps for White Christians on Race and Racism" is an online course from the United Methodist General Commission On Religion and Race (GCORR) for Christians who want to acquire a fundamental understanding of race and racism from a biblical perspective. This four-part self-directed course offers videos featuring Robin DiAngelo and Rev. Dr. Anderson Hooker, reflections, and activities to help people of faith to recognize racism and begin to challenge it in their lives. Pre-register now for a special discount. Special price for the first 100 registrations: $34.99. Regular price: $39.99
    Pre-register at
  • Anti-Racism 101 training course
    GCORR is offering a new online training course, Anti-Racism 101: Required Skills for White People Who Want to be Allies. Students will learn to identify racism and then interrupt it with the help of real-world skills, strengthened resolve and foundational knowledge. Enroll Today.
  • "Dismantling Racism" Town Hall Discussions
    The “Dismantling Racism: Pressing on to Freedom” initiative’s town hall series on anti-racism to explore both old and new approaches to organizing for racial justice in church and community were held in August.  The webinars are available at to watch. 




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