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Apportionment Statement Changes

Posted: April 11 2019 at 12:21 PM
Author: Lonnie Chafin, NIC Treasurer

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In response to questions from churches following the Special Session of General Conference regarding designation of apportionment funds, we have changed the NIC apportionment statement. The new statement will provide more information about the ministries supported by your local church, designating contributions to three NIC funds and seven General Church funds. Click here for descriptions of the funds.

Apportionment contributions to the first three funds will exclusively support the mission and ministry of the Northern Illinois Conference (NIC). As a conference, we decide how these funds are used during our Annual Conference sessions in June. Full payment of the apportionment on these three funds qualifies the local church for first-mile giving Rainbow Covenant status. We encourage all NIC churches to go the second-mile to become Rainbow Covenant churches through their support of The Advance mission giving.

General Church apportioned funds are listed independently, with a suggested amount for each. The local church gives ‘a portion meant for others’ in support of ministries around the conference and around the world. We encourage you to use the links and website resources on the flyer to learn more about these funds and the ministries of the UMC around the world. The conference will continue to forward to the general church all amounts designated to support these funds. A zero dollar amount will be listed on your statement for the General Administration Fund until the Annual Conference votes on a petition in June whether to continue to support this fund.

Your church’s apportionment has been recalculated to allocate amounts from 3 to 10 funds; these amounts are reflected on your April apportionment statement. All funds already sent to the Annual Conference will continue to be applied to the three original funds and will remain in support of the Annual Conference.   

Because of your faithful commitment to connectional giving through apportionments, NIC churches are connected in mission and ministry and connected to transform. We hope this new apportionment statement will help clarify how the local church gives ‘a portion meant for others’ in support of ministries around the conference and around the world. 

For more information, please contact me at 312-346-9766 ext. 721, or David W. Quinn, NIC Apportionments Administrator, ext. 741, or

For more details, visit the NIC Apportionment webpage at

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