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Apportionments: Connecting Your Church to the World

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Apportionments allow us to do together what no church,

district, or annual conference could do alone.

Read about 2023 Apportionment giving.

What is Connectional Giving?

Connectional Giving is one of the founding ideas that the United Methodist Church was built upon.

Participating in connectional giving helps us to be in mission with people and congregations around the world - giving every church, regardless of size, a larger mission footprint.

Connectional giving includes Apportionment giving (Northern Illinois Conference Fund and General Church Apportioned Funds) as well as Mission Link (The Advance) giving.

Connectional Giving demonstrates our connectedness to one another, to God and to the body of Christ.

Why Give to Apportionments?

Apportionment giving is based upon the desire to meet the needs of God’s family NOT just in our neighborhoods, but around the world. Apportionments are also based on our need to give in order to be spiritually healthy, complete children of God.

We send the Apportionment funds out of our blessing that Christ might be known in transformative ways. Apportionments provide avenues for giving so that we can be strong local churches & annual conferences and a strong connection throughout the world as we seek to be in mission and ministry together. The funds demonstrate our connectedness to one another, to God and to the body of Christ.

What are Apportionments?

Apportionments are the way that congregations are connected to the conference and the world. Apportionments are used to fund the global mission and witness of our church, to help provide the necessary structure to respond in moments of crisis locally, nationally, internationally, and to develop and nurture the leaders we need today and tomorrow.

The basic idea behind apportionments is that local congregations send some of the money they collect to accomplish things that are either beyond their ability to do as individual congregations or that can be done more effectively or efficiently together. Apportionments allow the church to produce goods and services funded by all for the benefit of all – collective goods.

The connections of the church are more than institutions; the connections are the means God uses to convey grace to the world.

Are These "Special Gifts”? 

Apportionments are not to be considered “special gifts,” but rather, they are similar to our tithes that we give to our local church. These funds are to be set aside and given first priority in our church budgets.
Apportionments are our first-mile of mission giving. They form the framework for the rest of our connectional ministry and mission. First-mile giving ensures 100 percent of gifts to Advance Specials, United Methodist Committee on Relief, Imagine No Malaria, Love Offerings, Special Sundays and many others that benefit the desired mission or ministry.
We encourage all churches to go the second mile to become a Mission Links church by participating in The Advance mission giving and continuing to support the good work across the connection.

How are Apportionments Calculated?

Northern Illinois Conference Fund Apportionments are derived from the financial experience of your local church. It takes the previous five years of metrics into consideration. The highest and lowest numbers of the five are removed, and the other three years are averaged.
Your church’s General Church Apportionment is a percentage of each local church's share of the requested amount from the general church, calculated using the same formula as Conference Fund Apportionments. Find more details here.

Apportionments denote an understanding that the purpose of the church is not just to care for its own members but also to reach out beyond itself to engage with the world, to minister to the world, to be in mission to the world.

Nic Fund Pie Chart

Northern Illinois Conference Fund

Apportionment contributions are essential to serving the local churches and to helping us achieve our goals as a conference. 

  • Service to Local NIC Churches - 45%
    The main goal of the conference is to give support and service to the local
    churches. The funds in this section support:
    • Financial support to local churches including intervention and personnel
    • Conference programming & meetings, and District events & ministries
    • Board of Ordained Ministry and clergy relocation expenses
  • Goal 1 - To Grow and Reach New Disciples of Jesus Christ - 30%
    The funds in this section support:
    • New faith communities and Church redevelopment programming
    • Board of Higher Ed & Campus Ministries, and Outdoor & Retreat Ministries
    • Board of Laity, Pembroke Institute, Discipleship Strategic Goals (ACST) and Spiritual Formation Ministries
  • Goal 2 - To Live Out the Conviction that Racism is Incompatible with Christian Teaching - 13%
    The funds in this section support:
    • Anti-racism Shepherding Team (ACST)
    • Discipleship Strategic Goals (ACST)
    • Commission on Race & Religion, Black Family Link in the Chain, and Urban Youth Initiative
    • Justice for Our Neighbors, Global Justice: Chicago Religious Leadership Network on Latin America (CRLN), and Refugee support
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  • Goal 3 - To increase the Number of Highly Vital Congregations - 13%
    The funds in this section support:
    • Congregational Redevelopment Grants, Creative Ministry Grants, NIC Ministerial Education Fund, Vital Congregations Strategic Goals (ACST) and Leadership Development
    • Accessibility Ministry, Media Resources and Safe Sanctuaries training
    • Asian American Fellowship, Black Church Mobilization, Hispanic Ministry Team, and Native American Community Support

General Church Fund Pie Chart

General Church Apportioned Funds

With over 12 million members working in 136 countries, The United Methodist Church’s global
reach is made possible through these 7 funds. 

  • World Service Fund - 54% When UM congregations give to the annual General Church apportionments, they contribute to work that is done around the world. This fund supports all UMC general agencies and supports missionary personnel and administrative costs of many areas.
  • Episcopal Fund - 16% Provides for UM bishops worldwide, including salaries, housing, office expenses and travel costs of active bishops, and provide pension and health benefit coverage for bishops and family members in a bishop’s household.
  • Ministerial Education Fund - 14% Provides funds for recruitment of clergy candidates and provides financial support for 13 United Methodist seminaries, including Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary.
  • Black College Funds - 7% Supports the programs and ministries of 11 historically black colleges and universities, including one medical school. These gifts reflect the value our Church has on education, especially those who have been historically excluded.
  • General Administration Fund - 6% Helps maintain a system of management oversight and fiscal accountability, and underwrites General Conference and the Judicial Council
  • Africa University Fund - 2% Supports the first fully accredited UM-related institution on the African continent. The University promotes independence and empowerment through a diverse student body from across the continent.
  • Interdenominational Cooperation Fund - 1% Supports UMC’s with ecumenical and interreligious partners such as the World Council of Churches, Churches Uniting in Christ, and World Methodist Council.

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