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Youth Ministry Jumpstart


For most people, the “new year” begins in January. But for anyone who works with children and youth, we often think of our “new year” beginning in the fall, when the school year starts up and we begin our student ministry programs anew.

Of course, this year like many things, church, worship, and student ministry looks a little different. Perhaps this period has even provided a time of reflection for church leaders? How can we minister, be the church, grow and make disciples in times like these? Disciples of all ages, including our youngest members?

The Discipleship Taskforce is trying to answer those questions, and help other church leaders do so as well, especially when it comes to youth ministry. For the next six months, they're presenting what they call a “Jumpstarting Youth Ministry” plan. Each month they will have a theme with a video to accompany it, followed by a list of resources to help leaders, both clergy and laity, paid and volunteer, to “jumpstart” their youth ministry, whether it presently exists or whether they’re looking for a starting point!

 By simply putting in the effort of investing your time and presence, you are taking the first steps on this journey of discipleship with young people. And if you’re worried that you have nothing in common with today’s teens, well…you may be surprised!

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