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Bishop's Appeal 2023

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Bishop's Appeal for Migrant Needs

We raised $36,371.89!

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As followers of Jesus, we take seriously the commandment to love the stranger in our midst seriously.  Whether they journeyed from Venezuela on foot, crossed the southern border of the US seeking asylum and ended up on buses to Chicago, or flew across the ocean from Ukraine to escape the Russian invasion, we want to offer compassion, love and care to our neighbors.

Why are people leaving their homes?

  • The government is harassing, arresting and even killing people because of their political views or religious affiliation. 
  • A neighboring country has invaded their nation and their city has started to be bombarded.
  • The local gang leaders have threatened their family.
  • Storm damage from a recent hurricane has decimated the local economy and they have no way to feed their family.

These are just a few reasons why people leave their homes, sometimes at a moment’s notice and often with only a few items that they can carry with them, and flee to other places for safety, security and hope for a better future. Can you imagine? How desperate would you have to be to leave everything that is familiar and make a hazardous journey to an unknown destination in order to protect yourself and your family?

The funds that we raise together through the Bishop’s Appeal will go to organizations providing immediate needs like hygiene kits, temporary shelter and food; and longer-term needs like employment, housing, medical care, and legal assistance.  We will partner with groups such as Justice for Our Neighbors, World Relief, Refugee One, Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights, and conference congregations.

We can’t fix all the world situations that cause migration, but we can be a source of hope and life for our neighbors who arrive at our doorstep. Start planning for what your church can give to the Bishop’s Appeal for Migrant Needs. 

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