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Rev. Brian Gilbert

Rev. Brian Gilbert

Greetings from the 66 churches in the DeKalb District, where our roots are growing deep and our branches strong! Clergy and laity alike, we work together to build up the Kingdom of God in our communities and the world. Please come visit us and bless us with your presence! Please come join us! Let us grow together, Spirit-led and Grace-full!

About the DeKalb District

The DeKalb District is a vital and vibrant part of the Conference with many small towns that celebrate historical roots while moving into the future. The city of DeKalb is the proud home of Northern Illinois University, while the surrounding countryside boasts some of the best agricultural lands in theUnited States.

The District consists of 66 local churches served by 51 dedicated pastors. The strengths of our congregations are many and varied.  We feed the hungry, physically and spiritually (daily, weekly, or monthly community meal programs); we nurture our children, emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually (after school programs, cooking classes, art classes); we serve our senior citizens with both practical resources and opportunities for fellowship.  We are a people determined to follow Jesus, caring and sharing, and making a difference in our communities and the world.

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District Contacts:
77 W. Washington Street, Suite 1820
Chicago, IL 60602
Phone: 312. 346.9766

District Superintendent
Rev. Brian Gilbert
ext. 782

Administrative Assistant
Leola Tucker
ext. 733

District Co-Lay Leaders
Chad Abell
Karen Bonnell 
Tom Weber

District Shepherding Team
Karen Bonnell 
Tim Mitchell
District Superintendency Committee
Ryan Sutton

District Committee on Ordained Ministry 
Brian Gilbert

District Strategy Team
Jim Miller

United Methodist Women
Janet Hayes-Stocking

United Methodist Men
Scott Brooks Phone: 815.739.9191

Lay Academy Coordinator
John Meyers

Mission Secretaries
Ed Heyer
Linda Frana

News & Announcements