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Lake North



Isaac Brittany

Rev. Victor Melad, Jr., Lake North Dist. Supt.



Greetings to you on behalf of the local churches,  campus ministries, one seminary, and several United Methodist-affiliated healthcare and social service agencies that make up the Lake North District. We are one of the most diverse districts in The United Methodist Church and we are stronger for it! We are Filipino, Hispanic, Korean, African American, Vitnamese, Liberian, Caribbean, Indian, Ghanan, Pakistani. We are gay and straight, trans and cis. We have churches that are over 100 years old and churches that just began. Urban and suburban, large and small, in all of this diversity, our unity is found not in conformity but in Christ Jesus. 

Our churches are made up of ordinary people, just like you, who are committed to the messy journey of faith. They desire to live a life of service and justice as part of a deepening relationship with God. If you are searching for a place to ask questions, to build community, to grow in your faith, and to worship God, I invite you to one of the United Methodist congregations near you.

District Contacts

District Superintendent
Rev. Victor Melad, Jr. 
ext. 785

Administrative Assistant
Debbie Rogers
ext. 732

District Shepherding Team
Rev. Mori Siegel, Co-Chair Email
Chester Lacey, Co-Chair   Email

District Lay Leaders
Chester Lacey Email
Ellen Feliciano Email

District Building, Location and Strategy Committee
Joash Mencias, Co-Chair Email
Rev. Hope Chernich, Co-Chair Email  

District Committee on Ordained Ministry
Rev. Christine Hides, Chair Email
Rev. Ashish Singh, Registrar Email
Rev. Preston Price, Secretary Email

Lay Servant Ministries
Chester Lacey Email

United Women in Faith
Fay Bennett Email

United Methodist Men
Chester Lacey Email


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