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Chicago Northwestern

Chicago Northwestern District

Rev. Brittany Isaac

Welcome to the Chicago Northwestern District

Greetings to you on behalf of the 53 local churches, two campus ministries, one seminary, one college and several United Methodist-affiliated healthcare and social service agencies that make up the Chicago Northwestern District. We are one of the most diverse districts in The United Methodist Church and we are stronger for it! We are Filipino, Hispanic, Korean, African American, Vietnamese, Liberian, Caribbean, Indian, Ghanan, Pakistani. We are gay and straight, trans and cis. We have churches that are over 100 years old and churches that just began. In all of this diversity, our unity is not found in uniformity but in Christ Jesus. 

Our churches are made up of wonderful people who are on the journey of faith and would love for you to join them. We are committed to deepening our relationship with God and living a life of service and justice. If you are searching for a place to ask questions, to grow in your faith and to worship God, I invite you to one of the United Methodist congregations near you.

Peace be with you this day and every day,
Rev. Brittany Isaac, Chicago Northwestern District Superintendent

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About the District

The Northwestern District, shepherded by the Rev. Brittany Isaac, framed by the Eisenhower Expressway to the South, I-294 to the West, and Lake Michigan. The Chicago Northwestern District is a beautiful tapestry of vibrant, engaged and diverse faith communities serving a mosaic of neighborhoods in Chicago as well as many suburbs in Cook and Lake counties.

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Helpful Resources from the 2019 LEAD Training Event:

District Contacts:
77 W. Washington Street, Suite 1820
Chicago, IL 60602
Phone: 312.346.9766

District Superintendent
Rev. Brittany Isaac
ext. 785

Administrative Assistant
Debbie Rogers
ext. 732

District Shepherding Team Co-Chairs
Donna Sagami (Lay) Email
Rodney C. Walker (Clergy) Email

District Lay Leaders
Ellen Feliciano Email
Chester Lacey Email

Location and Building
Chair Scort Christy Email

District Committee on Ordained Ministry
Chair Brian C. Smith Email

New Church Development and Revitalization 
Chair Jesus Molina, Jr. Email

At-Large Members
Karen May (Lay)
Sandy Moller (Lay) Email
Lillian Childs (Lay) Email
Hannah Kardon (Clergy) Email
Reuel Talapian (Clergy) Email
Robyn Tabb (Clergy) Email

Lay Servant Ministries
Selena Roberts, Chair Email
Chester Lacey Email

United Methodist Women
Robbie Moultrie Email

United Methodist Men
Leon Deloney Email

Disaster Response Coordinator
Jane Cheema Email

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