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Legislation and Documents 2024

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Legislation & Historical Documents are due April 15.

Submit Documents Here


  • Use Document Submission form for submissions.
  • Documents must be in the Action/Rationale format with a maximum of 500 words for the rationale.
  • Documents must be submitted as an editable WORD document the Chair of Daily Proceedings, Joanne Ray.
  • No web links may be included in actual legislation (because websites cannot be amended by our voting body).  If groups wish to include websites as resources, they should be listed as a resource within the rationale.

Questions about the form or submissions can be emailed to Joanne Ray at
All legislation and historical documents will be posted on this page by May 16.

Late documents must be submitted at conference to the chair BEFORE the opening of the annual conference session both electronically and with two printed copies.


The majority of legislation will be addressed during Legislative Sections on Monday, June 17.

All members to annual conference are randomly assigned to one of the legislative sections. Assignments are posted after registration closes. Legislation will be split between 6-9 sections. During legislative sections, members will vote on assigned documents to build the AC consent calendar to be presented the later that day.

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