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Statistical Reporting

Username = GCFA # (6 digits)
Password = Conference ID # (4 digits)
Reports are due by 11:59 PM on February 28, 2023

Some important things to note about the 2022 Statistical Report:

During these unusual times and with an increase in online worship, the NIC is changing the way to record attendance in the end-of-year statistical report. It’s important to remember that in-person and online church attendance should be counted separately. When you complete your 2022 Statistical Report in January, you will notice that these two numbers are on separate lines.

Average Attendance at all weekly worship services

Report average in-person attendance at all services held on a consistent weekly basis as the primary opportunity for worship. Count all persons (including children) who participate in part of any of these services. Do not include online worshippers nor attendance from irregularly held special services (i.e. Christmas Eve services).

Number of persons who worship online
Report here the average weekly number of unique viewers who access worship online. This includes those live streaming your worship service and views/downloads of recorded worship services (audio or video), sermons, and/or podcasts. Do not include generic hits/visits to your website. The General Council on Finance and Administration (GCFA) has developed some guidance on reporting and counting the number of viewers of online worship and Bible study attendance. Learn more here. 

Other tips:

  • Round every number to the nearest dollar (do not use decimals, commas or dollar signs)
  • Rows will highlight in orange or red to indicate a possible error or noteworthy variation from the previous year. Click the yellow triangle to see the warning message and check for typos.

Once you have completed you report, click save. You can now close your browser and your report will automatically be submitted.

A blank worksheet form to help complete your stats is available here. 


Who uses this data?  A Guide to the Users of Local Church Statistics (PDF)
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