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We live in a coronavirus world...

Posted: February 29 2020 at 08:46 AM
Author: Bishop Sally Dyck

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All of us are undoubtedly watching the news about the coronavirus, wondering how complacent or hypervigilant we should be. As I write this, I’m traveling and trust that I won’t be exposed to it by others. And others are trusting that I’m not exposing them. How do I live as a person of faith in such a climate? I think Jesus would want me to be as kind and courteous as I can to my neighbor in the next seat or standing in line...just like Jesus always wants me to be.

I’ve seen all kinds of advice about what to do and I’m sure you’ve seen them, too. They usually boil down to wash your hands and exercise good judgment in terms of staying home if you don’t feel well. Those are things we should normally do.

In this coronavirus world, I would encourage our churches to go ahead and worship on this first Sunday of Lent. In most of our sanctuaries, we aren’t so crowded that we’ll be breathing each other’s air!

During communion on Sunday, those who prepare the elements should exercise good judgment in how they are distributed with as little handling of them as possible. But what breaks my heart is that in a coronavirus world, we might be so focused on whether the bread and the cup will make us ill that we forget about the saving love of God in Christ Jesus. Do what you can to make sure the focus is on Jesus!

Be well and do what you can to share love and grace in this coronavirus world! A smile (instead of a hurried frown), a slight bow (instead of a handshake), and love (instead of suspicion and fear).

Find up-to-date information on the Coronavirus:

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How to help

The United Methodist Church, through UMCOR, has been helping with the crisis in China since early February when the United Methodist agency issued an emergency grant to an organization working to limit the spread of Coronavirus in China.

Funding for all continued assistance is being provided through UMCOR’s Global Health fund. Learn more, including how to give to Advance #3021770, at

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