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Tanzania School Construction Update

Posted: February 20 2020 at 12:00 AM

Rev. Young Seon Kim stands by columns that will help shape the science labs at the secondary school under construction in Tanzania.

Bishop Sally Dyck has designated Global Ministries Missionary and NIC Elder Rev. Young Seon (Christina) Kim's project to build the Global Mission Secondary School for children ages 13-18 with the United Methodist Church in Tanzania as the recipient of the Bishop's Appeal offering at the 2020 Annual Conference. Rev. Kim, who is serving as the managing director, provided this construction work update:

The first stage of construction is well underway to build an administration block, four classrooms, three science labs (Physics, Biology, and Chemistry), a big ablution area for students and teachers, and a 600M fence. It began with site clearance in early September 2019. Ever since construction started, it has been moving step by step, regardless of delays caused by Christmas holidays and heavy rain.   

On rainy days, because water is everywhere, I usually park my old car at Mvuti (a village center) and use a Pikipiki (motorcycle) transportation to get to the school construction site, because once I got a flat tire; many times I struggled with roads that were full of rainwater. However, once I get to the school construction site, I always get excited and inspired by it, because I see God’s grace, creating something out of nothing. All foundation work took a lot of time, money, and materials. Progress seemed unnoticeable. However, when walling began after the 2020 New Year’s celebration, everything changed. Progress has been remarkable every week.  

Starting in mid-February, roofing of classrooms began. I can’t wait to see it. At the same time, the foundation groundwork for the second stage will be started, because we want to finish it before a heavy rainy season comes (late March to mid-May). The second stage includes building a prayer tower, a library, a cafeteria, a boys’ dormitory, a girls’ dormitory, and a small public ablution. I know the heavy rainy season can bring unexpected challenges and problems to the school construction, such as materials not being delivered in a timely manner. However, what I know is – God will be there and help us to move forward.  

I started funding for stage 2 in Oct. 2019. God placed on my heart Matthew 7:7 –“asking, searching, and knocking.” God’s mission requires God’s money. I don't worry about the cost of the 2nd stage - $432,000. I know my God is richer than Bill Gates. I pray to God every day. One day I received an email from Bishop Sally Dyck that the school project in Tanzania will be a recipient of 2020 Bishop’s Appeal. Wow!!! I was so grateful to Bishop Sally. I was so thrilled by the way God answered my prayers. I never thought of it only dreamt of it. Now, I see the great possibility to open the school in January 2021 with 40 students. 

So I have been praying that the nearly 370 churches in the Northern Illinois Conference will respond to the Bishop’s Appeal. If each church gives $555 to the school project, the goal of $200,000 will be fulfilled. Holy Spirit, help each church to go extra miles for your mission!!! Thank you. For more information and to follow the construction progress, visit

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