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Seeing a Way Forward: GC2019

Posted: November 29 2018 at 12:54 PM
Author: Elisa Gatz, NIC Delegation Chair


The Northern Illinois Conference’s General Conference delegation that will be attending the 2019 General Conference Special Session held six different days of conversation in each district around the conference in October and November. Over 700 people attended these sessions, sharing their questions, comments, and hopes.

The comment cards that were filled out were all compiled and shared with the delegation and Bishop Dyck, and the delegation will answer the most commonly asked questions in the near future on the conference webpage and the delegation Facebook page.

As the United Methodist Church is grappling with its future, the Northern Illinois Conference is also divided on the best path forward. It is clear from the attendance and from the questions that people are engaged in discussions and are looking for more information. There was at least some support for all four plans that were presented and a lot of concern for how any changes would be implemented, especially around finances, properties, and clergy appointments. Scriptural basis for support of each plan was given, and the theological diversity of the conference was evident. 

The delegates will continue to read, discuss, discern, research, and pray in preparation for the February Special Session. Information is on the conference webpage at and the delegation’s Facebook page,, on how to attend the Special Session or watch online. There are also resources for use in local churches and a link to the Advance Daily Christian Advocate which has all of the legislation that was submitted for the General Conference. 

Please keep our delegation in prayer and if you have comments, questions or input, send an email to Elisa Gatz at

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