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Older Adult Ministries presents three scholarship awards

Posted: June 8 2017 at 12:00 AM

The Council on Older Adult Ministries (OAM) presented three scholarship awards at the 2017 Annual Conference made possible through the Golden Cross Sunday Offering Fund.

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OAM Co-chair Jim Barry presented the checks from the fund to Hope Riley.

Hope Riley
For more than 10 years, Hope’s service to Wesley Willows has embodied our mission – to promote active, secure lifestyles for seniors through ongoing, personalized care. When starting with Wesley Willows, she enjoyed caring for seniors so much that she decided to go back to school to pursue a degree in nursing. She is continually looking for scholarship support, and this dedication has kept her grades high. Her deep sense of commitment to our residents is one of the chief reasons she was selected from hundreds as an Employee of the Month in both 2010 and 2016.

At work, Hope is described as organized, thoughtful and always quick to anticipate residents’ needs. She truly puts them first in all she does. Hope has expressed her gratitude in being able to work with people from whom she can learn so much. Her kind and compassionate approach does not end with residents – the staff at Wesley Willows enjoy working with her, as she is quick to reply and very easy to work with. She has said that she sees herself as part of the support system in place for each resident, and she truly is.
Hope’s wonderful attitude and demeanor make her an asset to Wesley Willows and a blessing to each senior for which she has a hand in caring.

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Shirley Terrell (center) received a Golden Cross Sunday award for her work at Chicago Methodist Senior Services.

Shirley Terrell 

Shirley has been with Chicago Methodist Senior Services for 32 years. She is described by her supervisor as having one of the best work ethics “I have ever seen.” Shirley never calls in unless she is really sick. She arrives on time and takes care of her residents with respect. She treats residents like they are her family member. Even if we are shorthanded, she never complains and never rushes the resident. Very calm, patient and respectful to residents. The residents like and respect her – even the most difficult ones. I asked when she will retire, and she said “I enjoy what I’m doing. I will retire when you don’t want me anymore.” Chicago Methodist wishes they could clone her.

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Dan Windham receives a Golden Cross Sunday award for his chaplaincy work at Bethany Retirement Community and The Methodist Hospital.

Dan Windham 

Dan Windham is a 3rd-year seminarian at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary. He has served as a chaplain intern at Bethany Retirement Community and The Methodist Hospital for the past year. He will continue serving with us for a second year while he completes his degree at Garrett.

Dan serves as a chaplain in the Bethany retirement community and hospital. He leads weekly worship services, visits residents and patients in the hospital and teaches Bible study. Dan has a strong pastoral presence. He is an excellent preacher, musician, and liturgical leader. He has become a valued member of our Pastoral Care Team and is appreciated and loved by the seniors he serves. Dan is a former teacher and has made significant sacrifices to pursue his call to ministry and his work with seniors.

OAM also welcomed Dr. William Randolph, the director of the Office of Aging and Older Adult Ministry with the General Board of Discipleship to the 2017 Northern Illinois Annual Conference. “Thank you for your support for Older Adult ministry,” said Randolph. “The role of the church and the Northern Illinois Annual Conference is to help people grow up, upward to God, and to grow old.”

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Dr. William Randolph, Director of the Office of Aging and Older Adult Ministry

Randolph attended the OAM presentation during the plenary time as well as the group luncheon.

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