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Gun Violence Assembly

Posted: March 13 2019 at 07:49 PM

Gun violence affects everyone! Whether you live in an urban, suburban or a rural community gun violence directly or indirectly affects you and those you serve. The question is not “WILL” but “HOW" does the faith community respond to this epidemic and maintain the integrity of its calling?

Northern Illinois Conference Bishop Sally Dyck has said, “In the swirl of national and church news, it’s easy to overlook and even forget the ongoing injustices in our communities, especially Chicago.”

According to Indiana Bishop Julius C. Trimble, "Fear and hatred have exploded through gun violence and continue to cause ripples in our lives and communities. It is time for us to pray, preach, and denounce hatred. Let us love one another since love comes from God."
“ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!” has been designed as an interconference, faith-rooted Teach-in and Café Conversation sponsored by the Indiana and Northern Illinois Conferences of The United Methodist Church.

This half-day assembly is designed to equip and engage participants in principles and practices to effectively implement congregation and community-based gun violence prevention strategies. The teach-in portion of the day will feature concurrent workshops led by experienced gun violence prevention practitioners in the areas of public health, public policy and urban ministry. The Café Conversation will encourage participants to share ways to harness the energy of the moment and harvest ideas for next steps.

In the words of Bishop Dyck, “Enough is Enough” is the opportunity to focus and refocus with our neighbors in Indiana on preventing gun violence.  Education, motivation and collaboration are needed if we’re going to make a difference.”
“Enough is Enough” will be held on Saturday, April 13 (9 am to 12:30 pm) at East Side United Methodist Church (11000 S Ewing Avenue, Chicago). The cost is $5 per person. There is no charge for groups of 5 or more registering together.

Collaborators for this event include: Live FREE Chicago, Illinois Gun Violence Prevention Coalition, the Center for Faith and Community Public Health Transformation, North Central Jurisdiction Black Methodists for Church Renewal, Ten Points Coalition – Indianapolis, United Voices for Children.

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