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Fresh Expressions Grants Available

Posted: November 8 2022 at 05:11 PM
Author: Rev. Martin Lee, Dir. of Congregational Development and Redevelopment


Michael Beck, Director of Re-missioning with Fresh Expressions, presents at First UMC in Dixon, Ill., on September 19 at one of six teaching offerings in each district across the Conference.

The word Fresh [Expressions] was borrowed from The Declaration of Assent, which is made by deacons, priests, and bishops of the Church of England. The Church of England and British Methodists started Fresh Expressions to revitalize existing churches and to start new forms of churches.

My recent experience of taking the Fresh Expressions experience with Michael Beck, Director of Re-Missioning with Fresh Expressions, to every district in the annual conference was a great joy to me. This project involves bringing practical tools for delivering the ministry of the Church to people not currently connected to any church. Those congregations committed to Fresh Expressions have witnessed many forms of renewal.

Ministry is difficult. Amid the challenges, the Holy Spirit is making disciples. Discipleship is happening in small, rural towns, in the suburbs and in major cities. There is something in Fresh Expressions that speaks to every congregation.

Our next step in this project is to create small cohorts of congregations that will meet to walk with one another through the process of transformation, learning and listening, and helping one another on the way.

God uses every gift in the Church to further the good and pleasing, and perfect will of God in the world.

If your church is interested in starting something, the Office of Congregational Development and Redevelopment is offering matching $500 micro-grants. Click here for the application. The grants are limited to 20 churches.

Watch a recording of the Prairie South training here.

For more information about Fresh Expressions visit their website here.

If you are interested in learning more about Fresh Expressions, email

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