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Church hosts ESL classes for students in South Korea

Posted: September 27 2023 at 02:48 PM
Author: Pat Sovonick, Carol Stream: St. Andrew

Korean Esl Class

Students in South Korea partnered with members of St. Andrews in Carol Stream to attend an English as a Second Language class via Zoom. The class was held once a week to improve their English and understanding of American culture.  The class celebrated their one-year anniversary on the first of September.  St Andrews members log in at 6:30 Central Time on Friday evenings the students log in at 8:30 on Saturday mornings in South Korea.

The students decided as their celebration of the year's accomplishments they would each write a letter to the church expressing their thanks.  Below are excerpts from their letters to St. Andrew. (The letters appear as written and have not been corrected.)

  • “I am a high school student and I love science, especially physics. Thanks to this English conversation class, my English skills and grades have improved a lot. I am very happy that this great opportunity came to me. Through this class, I not only improved my English skills, but also learned a lot of knowledge about the United States. For me, this class is a best experience in my life. Thank you so much. God bless you.

  • “I was so happy to be one-year anniversary today:) I want to express gratitude for supporting our meeting. I think your kind support is also manifestation of God’s grace. This meeting helps us to speak English well and feel happy:) I’m a Christian, too. So, I want to bestow help and love like you all. Thank you so much:)”

  • “Now, It’s 1st anniversary of ESL class! I’m very happy to celebrate our 1st anniversary. Thank you for providing me this class! Also, I got to know American cultures and many Idioms by talking with Pat. I enjoy this English conversation class with Pat. Pat is humorous. She is kind because she always understands our mistake and gives us confidence! Thank you for providing this helpful class. I will actively participate this class and definitely go to the US in 2025.:) I will try to hard to improve my English conversation skill. Pat and everyone at church, Thank you always. Goodbye with Love."

  • “It's already been a year since we first met! Thanks to all of you,. Today, I attempted to give a presentation in English during our English composition class. What a remarkable transformation! I owe this change to Pat, who always encouraged me and assured me that it's okay even if my English was strange. Meeting Pat and all of you through Pat has allowed me to grow and learn so much. I had been going to a Presbyterian church since I was born, but I didn't believe in God's existence.  However, through this class, while I still don't fully believe in Jesus, I feel that you, who walk with Jesus, are such warm-hearted people. I say a  "Amen". (Thanks to all of you Pat and St. Andrew Church friends, I love you all!)”

To be a part of this exciting ministry you can contact St. Andrew United Methodist Church of Carol Stream for more information (  There is always room for more who are looking to improve their English conversation skills either in the United States or any place in the world.  

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