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HealthFlex Exchange

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Annual Election is Open!

From Oct. 30 - Nov. 14
full-time clergy, spouses and lay employees on HealthFlex Benefits can enroll for 2020 healthcare plans. 

Make your elections online > HealthFlex/WebMD

With the upcoming shift for HealthFlex participants, (full-time clergy, spouses and lay employees), to the HealthFlex Exchange, effective January 1, 2020, the NIC and Wespath held workshops in October to explain the available plans and help you choose the best option to fit your family's needs and budgets. If you missed any of these, you may download the handouts.

During this year’s open enrollment period from October 30 - November 14, you will be able to choose from six medical plans paired with prescription drug plans, and three dental and three vision plan options. Many of the same high-quality partners and well-being programs will remain such as Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois, OptumRX, Virgin Pulse, and Blueprint for Wellness.

If you do not select a plan at open enrollment, you will receive the default H1500 plan. However, it's important to log in and select a plan because if you do not give permission to set up an HSA, you will not receive an account.


Webinar with NIC Human Resources Director Woody Bedell, HealthFlex Exchange for NIC: The Plan, Your Options, The Prices and How to Enroll - Watch here or click below.


Quick video overviews of HealthFlex Exchange – what are the plans, and how they can benefit you.


Explaining the Plan Options, Similarities and Differences.


Premium Credits and How Conference pays for the plan and what you can do with your credits.

HSA and HRA What are they, Difference between the two and which is best for you.

How to Decide and Using Alex to Help You.

How to Enroll in HealthFlex Exchange.

Attention Retirees:  
The program being introduced to the Conference for 2020 is only for active and lay participants. You and your retiree benefits through Via Benefits will remain exactly the same as you currently have. These benefits would only change if you elected to be in another Medicare Supplement program for 2020.  Just to clarify again - if you are retired and participating in Via Benefits and receiving an HRA benefit you do not have to do anything to maintain your benefits for 2020

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