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2020 Appointments and Retirements

Bishop Sally Dyck announces the following clergy appointments for the Northern Illinois Conference of The United Methodist Church effective July 1, 2020 (unless noted otherwise):

January Announcements

Fredrick (Fritz) Bartels (Elder) to retirement from Joliet: Grace (Aurora District).  Fritz became a probationary member in 2008 and full Elder 2010.  During his ministry, he served at Green Garden, Polo: Emmanuel, East Jordan, Crete and Joliet: Grace.

Rosalee Blake (Deacon) to retirement from Agape Healthcare in Denver, Colorado.  Rosalee became a consecrated Diaconal Minister in 1991 and a full Deacon in 1997.  During her ministry she served Naperville: Grace, as Media Resource Librarian for the Northern Illinois Conference, and as a chaplain for St. Joseph Hospital in Denver, Boulder Community Hospital in Boulder and Agape health care in Denver. Effective March 1.

Paul Judd (Elder) from Medical Leave to Leave of Absence. Effective February 1.

Paul (Nick) Nicholas (Deacon) to Medical Leave from appointment to Naperville: Community (Aurora District). Effective January 1.

Robert Biekman (Elder) to the Metropolitan Chicago Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America as an Associate to the Bishop and Director for Evangelical Mission from Chicago: Maple Park (Chicago Southern District) (1/2 time) and Urban Ministry Coordinator (1/2 time).  Effective January 1.  

Ken Roh (Elder) to Mokena (Aurora District) (1/4 time) while remaining at Frankfort (Aurora District) (3/4 time).

Shalamar Molina (District Superintendent Supply) to Red Door Church (New Faith Community) (Chicago Northwestern District)(1/4 time).  Effective January 1. 

Richard Carlson (Elder) to retirement from Elgin: First (Elgin District).  Rick became a probationary member in 1982 and a full Elder in 1984.  During his ministry he served at Crystal Lake: First (Associate), South Elgin: Community, Dixon: First, Bolingbrook: Crossroads of Faith, Barrington: Salem and Elgin First.

Jan Comerford (Elder) to retirement from South Elgin: Community (Elgin District). Jan became a probationary member in 1990 and a full Elder in 1996.  During her ministry she served Kirkland, Hinsdale (Associate), Genoa: Faith, McHenry: First, Belvidere: First (Associate) and South Elgin: Community.

Cecelia Swafford Harris (Elder) to retirement from Waukegan: First (Elgin District).  Cecelia became a probationary member in 1994 and a full Elder in 1997.  During her ministry, she served Chicago: St. Mark (Associate), Hazelcrest: Community, Chicago: St. Matthew and Waukegan: First.

Charlette (Char) Hoffmann (Elder) to retirement from Antioch (Elgin District).  Char became a probationary member in 1996 and full Elder in 1998.  During her ministry, Char served Polo: Emmanuel, Evergreen Park: First, River Forest, Villa Park: Calvary and Antioch.

Kolleen Klemmenson (Elder) to retirement from appointment under ¶ 345 to another denomination.  Kolleen became a probationary member in 1993 and a full Elder in 1996.  During Kolleen’s ministry, she served Ohio: Red Oak, Elmhurst: Christ and Albany before beginning her service with the United Presbyterian USA.

Jerry Martz (Local Pastor) to retirement from appointment to Brookville/Elkhorn (DeKalb District) where he served since 2008.

Mary Steinwandt (Local Pastor) to retirement from Mokena (Aurora District) where she served since 2016.

Irene Taylor (Elder) to retirement from DesPlaines: First (Elgin District).  Irene became a probationary member in 1998 through recognition of Orders from the Progressive Baptist Church, and a full Elder in 2001.  During Irene’s ministry, she served Riverdale: Ivanhoe, Waukegan: Living Faith and DesPlaines: First.

February Announcements

Felicia Howell LaBoy (Elder) to Elgin: First (Elgin District) from Melrose Park: Cosmopolitan and Oak Park: St. John's Chicago Northwestern District).  Felicia follows Rick Carlson who is retiring. 

Jesus Molina Jr. (Local Pastor) to Franklin Park (3/4 time) (Chicago: Northwestern District) from Chicago: Emanuel, Franklin Park, and Melrose Park: Stone Park Mission (Chicago Northwestern District).

Auderine Molina (Local Pastor) to Chicago: Emmanuel (3/4 time) (Chicago Northwestern District) from Chicago: Emanuel and Melrose Park: Stone Park Mission. 

Esther Lee (Elder) to Deerfield: Christ (Chicago Northwestern District) from Geneva (Associate) (Aurora District).  Esther follows Norval Brown who is appointed to Cary. 

Ji Eun (Mori) O (Local Pastor) to Chicago: Ravenswood (Chicago Northwestern District) from Red Oak/Waynet (DeKalb District). Mori will follow Erin James Brown who has been serving as interim following Linda Misewicz-Perconte who retired in December. 

Matthew Krings (Elder) to Chicago: Berry (Chicago Northwestern District) from New Lenox (Associate) (Aurora District). Matthew follows Krista Paradiso and Gregory Gross who have been serving as interim following the move of April Gutierrez to Michigan. 

Shirley Pulgar-Hughes (Local Pastor) to Schaumburg: Our Redeemer (Elgin District) from Chicago: El Redentor del Calvario (Chicago Northwestern District). Shirley follows Romir Esguerra who is appointed to Joliet: Grace (Aurora District). 

G. Morris (Local Pastor) to Chicago: Chicago Lawn (Chicago Southern District). Effective 2/1

Lisa Telomen (Elder) to Geneva (Associate) (Aurora District) from LaGrange: First (Chicago Southern District). Lisa follows Esther Lee who is appointed to Deerfield: Christ (Chicago Northwestern District).

Noah Panlilio (Elder) to Oak Park: St. John (Chicago Northwestern District) from Morrison (DeKalb District). Noah follows Felicia Howell LaBoy who is appointed to Elgin: First (Elgin District).

Tiffany Garcea (Elder) to Erie (DeKalb District) from Elizabeth: First (Rockford District). Tiffany follows Katie Voigt who is appointed to Antioch (Elgin District).

Beverly Dukes (Recommended for Provisional Elder) to Homewood: St. Andrew (Chicago Southern District) from Chicago: East Side (Chicago Southern District).

T.K. Lee (Provisional Elder) to Rockford: Christ (Associate) (Rockford District) from Chicago: Granville and Westridge (Chicago Northwestern District). T.K. follows Daniel Lee who is transitioning from appointive ministry.

Mike Jones (Elder) to Extension Ministry with Church Properties Reimagined as Executive Director. Mike currently serves Shannon: Bethel (Rockford District).

Sung Ja Lee Moon (Elder) to retirement from Rockford: Aldersgate (Rockford District). Sung Ja became a probationary member of the conference in 1988 and a full member in 1990. During her ministry Sung Ja served Chicago: First Korean, Chicago Calvary, Arlington Heights: First (Associate), Elgin: Wesley, DesPlaines: First, McHenry: First and Mt. Hope, Barrington: Salem and Rockford: Aldersgate.

March Announcements

Joey Garcea (Provisional Elder) to Prophetstown (DeKalb District) from Savana (Rockford District). Joey follows Mark Meyers whose appointment will be announced at a later date.

Mark Meyers (Elder) to New Lenox (Assoc.) (Aurora District) from Prophetstown (DeKalb District).  Mark follows Matthew Krings who is appointed to Chicago: Berry.

Barbara Morgan (Elder) to Waukegan: First (Elgin District) from Evanston: Sherman (Chicago Northwestern District).  Barbara follows Cecelia Harris who is retiring.

Brett Todd (Elder) to Rockford: Aldersgate (Rockford District) from LaSalle: Grace (DeKalb District).  Brett follows Sung Ja Lee Moon who is retiring.

Jon McCoy (Elder) to Jackson: Christ (Assoc) (346.1) (Mississippi Annual Conference) from Northbrook: North Northfield (Chicago Northwestern District). 

Brenda Morris (Local Pastor) to Shannon: Bethel (Rockford District) from Dakota: Rock Grove (Rockford District).  Brenda follows Mike Jones who is moving to an appointment in extension ministry. 

Min Hyuk Woo (Elder) to Northbrook: North Northfield (Northwestern District) from Mundelein: Vision Church (Elgin District).  Min Hyuk follows Jon McCoy who will be appointed to a church in Mississippi.

Elsa Noemi Meza (Pending Provisional Status) to Chicago: El Redentor del Calvario/The Redeemer of Calvary (Chicago Northwestern District) from Elgin: Wesley (Elgin District). Elsa follows Shirley Pulgar-Hughes who is appointed to Schaumburg: Our Redeemer (Elgin District).

Calvin Haines (Elder) to Morrison (DeKalb District) from Freeport: First (Rockford District). Cal follows Noah Panlilio who is appointed to Oak Park: St. John.

Dennis Oglesby Jr. (Elder) to Evanston: Sherman (Chicago Northwestern District) from Harvey: Transformation Community (Chicago Southern District). Dennis follows Barbara Morgan who is appointed to Waukegan: First (Elgin District).

April Announcements

Cerna Rand (Elder) to LaGrange: First (Chicago Southern District) from Elk Grove Village: Prince of Peace (Elgin District).  Cerna follows Lisa Telomen who is appointed to Geneva (Aurora District). 

Natarsha Gardner (Local Pastor) to Freeport: First (Rockford District) from Elgin: Cornerstone (Elgin District).  Natarsha follows Cal Haines who is appointed to Morrison (DeKalb District).

Roger Bronkema (Local Pastor) to Elizabeth: First (Rockford District) (1/2 time) while also serving Warren (1/2 time).  Roger follows Tiffany Garcea who is appointed to Erie (DeKalb District). 

Don Guest (Retired Elder) to Chicago: Granville (Chicago Northwestern District) (1/4 time) while also serving Chicago: Epworth (Chicago Northwestern District).  Don follows T. K. Lee who is appointed to Rockford: Christ (Associate). 

Leslie Stanford (Local Pastor) to Dakota: Rock Grove (Rockford District) from Rockford: Shirland and Harlem (Rockford District).  Leslie follows Brenda Morris who is appointed to Shannon (Rockford District).

Solomon Sudhakar (346.1) to LaSalle: Grace (DeKalb District) from Rock Falls (DeKalb District).  Solomon follows Brett Todd who is appointed to Rockford: Aldersgate (Rockford District).

Dwight Stewart (Elder) to Chicago: Transformation (Chicago Southern District) from Chicago: St. Mark (Associate) (Chicago Southern District).  Dwight follows Dennis Oglesby who is appointed to Evanston: Sherman. 

Christina Vosteen (Elder) to retirement from Western Springs (Chicago Southern District).  Christina became a probationary Elder in 2005 and full member in 2008.  During her ministry, she served Park Ridge: First (Associate), Plano, Watermen/Cortland, and Western Springs. 

Larry Paris (Elder) to retirement from Evergreen Park: First.  Larry became a provisional member in 2013 and a full member in 2016.  During his ministry, Larry served Lindenhurst: Trinity and Evergreen Park: First.

Ken Roh (Elder) to California-Pacific Annual Conference as a 346.1 appointed to Abundant Life Community Church at the Korean United Methodist Church of San Diego in the South District from Frankfort (Aurora District).

Roland Hayag (District Superintendent Supply) to Shirland (Rockford District) ¼ time.  Roland follows Leslie Stanford who is appointed to Dakota: Rock Grove (Rockford District).

Jin-Hee Kang (Elder) to Rock Falls (DeKalb District) from Waukegan: New Hope (Elgin District).  Jin-Hee follows Solomon Sudhakar who is appointed to LaSalle: Grace (DeKalb District).
Kwan Woo Park (Elder) to Mundelein: Vision Church (Elgin District) from Naperville: Korean (Aurora District).  Kwan Woo follows Min Hyuk Woo who is appointed to Northbrook: North Northfield (Chicago Northwestern District).
G. Morris (Local Pastor) to Chicago: West Ridge (1/2 time) (Chicago Northwestern District) from Chicago: Chicago Lawn (Chicago Southern District).  G. follows T.K. Lee who is appointed to Rockford: Christ (Rockford District).
Heewon Kim (Elder) to Rockford: New Life, Evans and Harlem (Rockford District) from Dixon: First (Assoc) (DeKalb District).  Heewon follows Kyungsu Park who is moving to Leave of Absence.

May Announcements

Dave (DaeGyu) Yim (Provisional Elder Pending) to Savanna: First (Rockford District) from Ottawa: Evangelical and Leland (DeKalb District). Dave follows Joey Garcea who is appointed to Prophetstown (DeKalb District).

Barbara Good (Elder) to Evergreen Park: First (Chicago Southern District) (1/2 time) while remaining at Palos Heights (Aurora District) (1/2 time). Barbara follows Larry Paris who is retiring.

Delian Stone (346.2 Clergy from Another Denomination) to Chicago: Resurrection (Chicago Northwestern District). Delian follows Robyn Tabb who is appointed to Elk Grove Village: Prince of Peace (Elgin District).

Young Sun Lee (DSS: Local Pastor License Pending) to Dixon: First (Associate) (DeKalb District). Young Sun follows Hee Won Kim who is appointed to Rockford: New Life, Evans and Harlem (Rockford District). 

Terri Novy (Local Pastor) to Frankfort (1/4 time) and Mokena (1/4 time) (Aurora District) from Local Pastors pool.  Terri follows Ken Roh who will be appointed as a 346.1 in the California Pacific Annual Conference.
Thomas Rawlinson (Elder) to Chicago: Faith (1/2 time) (Chicago Southern District) while also serving Chicago: St. Matthew (1/2 time) (Chicago Southern District). Tom follows Audrea Nanabray who is appointed to DesPlaines: First (Elgin District).
Charlette Hoffman (Elder) to Hebron (1/4 time) (Elgin District) from Antioch upon retirement (Elgin District). Char follows Jim Wilson who will return to retired status.
Richard Carlson (Retired Elder) to Waukegan: New Hope (1/2 time) (Elgin District) from Elgin: First upon retirement (Elgin District).  Rick follows Jin-Hee Kang who is appointed to Rock Falls (DeKalb District).
Kihwan Choi (Elder) to Naperville: Korean (Aurora District) from Northbrook: Glenbrook Korean (Chicago Northwestern District).  Kihwan follows Kwan Woo Park who is appointed to Mundelein: Vision Church (Elgin District).
Juancho Campanano (Elder) to Western Springs (Chicago Southern District) from Extension Ministry.  Juancho will follow Christina Vosteen who is retiring.
Robyn Tabb (Elder) to Elk Grove Village: Prince of Peace (Elgin District) from Chicago: Resurrection (Chicago Northwestern District). Robyn follows Cerna Rand who is appointed to LaGrange: First (Chicago Southern District).
Mary Rawlinson (Deacon) to Appointment to Attend School at New York: Mt. Sinai Health Systems, Clinical Pastoral Education Program from Extension Ministry.

June Announcements

Sherrie Lowly (Elder) to retirement from Northbrook.  Sherrie became a probationary member of the NIC in 1999 and full member in 2001.  During her ministry she served Galena, Chicago: Berry Memorial, Itasca: Bethany and Waukegan: Living Faith.  Effective September 1.
Danice Loveridge
(Deacon) to 4HealthyU an appointment beyond the local church from transitional leave. Effective May 1.
Lois McCullen Parr (Elder) to retirement from extension Ministry.  Lois became a provisional member of the NIC in 2001 and a full member in 2004.  During her ministry she served Naperville: Grace, Northbrook: North Northfield, Chicago: Broadway and in extension ministry.  Effective June 1.
Janette Wilson-Howard
(346.2) to Chicago: Maple Park (1/2 time) (Chicago: Southern District) while also serving Chicago: Fernwood (1/4 time) (Chicago Southern District).  Janette follows Robert Beikman who is appointed to extension ministry.
Juan Pablo Herrera
(District Superintendent Supply) to Melrose Park: Cosmopolitan (1/4 time) and Melrose Park: NFC (1/4 time).  Juan follows Felicia LaBoy who is appointed to Elgin: First (Elgin District).
Colleen Norman (
Elder) to Chicago: South Lawn (Chicago Southern District) from Oak Lawn: First and Hazel Crest: Community (Chicago Southern District).  Colleen follows Dwayne Craig who has returned to his home conference.
Christian Van (Elder) to Leave of Absence from Sabbatical Leave.

Amos Oladipo (Elder) to Oak Lawn: First (1/2 time) (Chicago Southern District) from Blue Island: Grace (Chicago Southern District) while also remaining at Park Forest: Grace United Protestant (1/2 time) (Chicago Southern District). Amos follows Colleen Norman who is appointed to Chicago: South Lawn (Chicago: Southern District).
Abraham Moller (Local Pastors License Pending) to Ottawa: Evangelical and Leland (DeKalb District).  Abraham follows David Yim who is appointed to Savanna: First.  
James Fu (Provisional Elder Pending) to Villa Park (1/2 time) (Elgin District) while also remaining at Elmhurst: Christ (1/2 time) (Elgin District). 

Rod Benavidenze (District Superintendent Supply) to Brookville and Elkhorn (1/4) (DeKalb District). Rod follows Jerry Martz who is retiring.

Krista Paradiso (Elder) to Northbrook (Chicago Northwestern District) from Chicago: Elston Avenue and Chicago: Berry Memorial (Chicago Northwestern District).  Krista follows Sherrie Lowly who is retiring. Effective September 1.

Kelly Davis (District Superintendent Supply) to Red Oak and Wyanet (DeKalb District).  Kelly follows Ji Eun O (Mori) who is appointed to Chicago: Ravenswood.

Tennille Power (DSS) to Hazel Crest: Community (1/2 time) (Chicago Southern District). Tennille follows Colleen Norman who is appointed to Chicago: South Lawn (Chicago: Southern District).
Josiah Montgomery (DS) to Chicago: Eastside (1/4 time) (Chicago Southern District). Josiah follows Beverly Dukes who is appointed to Homewood: St. Andrew (Chicago: Southern District).
Irene Taylor (Retired Elder) to Ingleside (1/4 time) (Elgin District). Effective September 1.
Innis Miller (Local Pastor) to Blue Island: Grace (1/4 time) (Chicago Southern District) while also serving Chicago: Grace Calvary (Chicago: Southern District). Innis follows Amos Oladipo who is appointed to Oak Lawn: First and Park Forest: Grace.

July Announcements

Donald Wright (Local Pastor) to retirement from Chicago: Olivet where he served for 15 years (Chicago Northwestern District).

Nick Joyner (District Superintendent Supply) to Chicago: Olivet (1/4 time) (Chicago Northwestern District).  Nick follows Don Wright.

Vinay Pathak (¶ 346.2) to Chicago: Indo Pak (Chicago Northwestern).  Vinay follows Ernst Singh who died earlier this spring.

Patricia Bonilla (Deacon) to appointment to attend school from Deerfield: Christ (Chicago Northwestern District).

Tyler Ward (Provisional Elder) to Transitional Leave.

Tura Foster Gillespie (Provisional Deacon) to Teaching Cultural Compassion (Ministry Beyond the Local Church).

Betsy Evans Ingstrup (Provisional Deacon) ¶ 346.1 to West Virginia serving in the Raleigh Shared Ministry of the West Virginia Southern District.

Cheryl Magrini (Deacon) to Leave of Absence from Woodland Spiritual Retreats for Women in Ministry, Woodstock.

September Announcements

Tina Shelton (District Superintendent Supply) to South Elgin: Community (1/4 time) (Elgin District).  Tina follows Jan Comerford who has retired.  Effective September 15.

Timothy Biel, Jr. (Elder) to Elston Avenue (1/4 time) (Chicago Northwestern District) while also serving at Skokie: Central (Chicago Northwestern District).

Erin James Brown (District Superintendent Supply) to Irving Park: Grace (Chicago Northwestern District).   Effective August 1.

Steve Pearce (District Superintendent Supply) to Burritt (1/4 time) (Rockford District).  Steve follows Brenda Byrne. Effective September 1.

Christine Hoffmeyer (Elder) to retirement. During her ministry in the NIC Christine served Wilmette: Trinity (Associate), Chicago: Irving Park, Westmont: First, Lombard: Faith and Advocate Lutheran General Hospital, North Shore University Health System. Effective December 1, 2020.

Gregory Gross (Deacon) to Care for Real as Executive Director from Chicago Night Ministry. Effective September 8.

Christian Van (Elder) to 346.1 Appointment to another Annual Conference in North Georgia to Pleasant Grove, Dahlonega Georgia.

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