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2019 Appointments and Retirements

Bishop Sally Dyck announces the following clergy appointments for the Northern Illinois Conference of The United Methodist Church, effective July 1, 2019 (unless otherwise noted).

Appointment Book (updated 6/21/19)

January Announcements

Scott Field (Elder) to retirement from Crystal Lake: First (Elgin District). Scott became a probationary member of the conference in 1978 and full member in 1982. During his ministry, he served at Wheatland Salem and Crystal Lake: First.

Kye Ile Hong (Elder) to retirement from Franklin Park: First and Melrose Park: Cosmopolitan (Chicago Northwestern District). Kye Ile transferred from Western New York Conference to Northern Illinois in 1999. During his ministry, he served Schaumburg: Salem Korean, Prospect Heights: Central Korean, Melrose Park: Cosmopolitan, Franklin Park: First and Elmwood Park.

Mario Mayer (Elder) to retirement from Rockford: Beth Eden (Rockford District). Mario transferred to Northern Illinois in 2013 and served Carpentersville: Trinity, Elgin: El Mesias as well as Rockford: Beth Eden.

J. Steven Mindrup (Elder) to retirement from United Church of Sandwich (Aurora District). Steven became a probationary member of the Northern Illinois Conference in 1970 and full member in 1974. During his ministry, he served at Freeport: Embury, Rockford: Christ the Carpenter, Rockford: Grace, Wesley Willows Retirement Center, Cherry Valley, Dundee: First and United Church of Sandwich.

Soong In (Steve) Moon (Elder) to retirement from Northbrook: North Northfield (Chicago Northwestern District). Soong In became a probationary member of the conference in 1986 and a full member in 1988. During his ministry, he served Shin-II Korean, Chicago: Bethany (Riverview Park West), Arlington Heights: Hallelujah Korean, Hebron, Arlington Heights: Church of the Incarnation and Northbrook: North Northfield.

Kirk Scott (Local Pastor) to retirement from Millington (Aurora District). Kirk has served at Millington since 2005.

Rachel Birkhahn-Rommelfanger (Elder) to the Connectional Table as Assistant Connectional Ministry Officer from Leave of Absence. Effective January 14.

Pamela Pirtle (Provisional Elder) to The General Commission on the Status and Role of Women as Director of Leadership Development and Accountability from Chicago: Gorham. Effective February 1, 2019.

Thomas Bourke (Elder) to Sandwich: United (Aurora District) from Bolingbrook: Crossroads of Faith (Aurora District). Tom follows Steve Mindrup who will retire.

February Announcements

Lisa Kruse-Safford (Elder) to Crystal Lake, Lead Pastor (Elgin District) from Rockford District Superintendent. Lisa follows Scott Field who is retiring.
Beth Galbreath (Deacon) to retirement from Appointment Beyond the Local Church. Beth was commissioned in 2006 and became a full member Deacon in 2009. During her ministry, Beth has served Princeton: First and beyond the local church at Galbreath Digital Culture Ministry.

Michael Hickok (Elder) to Bolingbrook: Crossroads of Faith (Aurora District) from Cary (Elgin District). Mike follows Tom Bourke who is appointed to Sandwich: United (Aurora District).
Jon McCoy (Elder) to Northbrook: North Northfield (Chicago Northwestern District) from Hinsdale (Aurora District). Jon follows Soon In Moon who is retiring.

Young-Mee Park (Elder) to Hinsdale (Aurora District) from DeKalb District Superintendent. Young-Mee follows Jon McCoy who is appointed to Northbrook: North Northfield (Chicago: Northwestern District).
Eric Reniva (Local Pastor) to Rockford: Beth Eden (Rockford District) from Glenview and Melrose Park: Cosmopolitan (Chicago Northwestern District). Eric follows Mario Mayer who is retiring.

Gary Waters (Elder) to Cary (Elgin District) from Leave of Absence. Gary follows Michael Hickok who is appointed to Bolingbrook: Crossroads of Faith (Aurora District).
Wendy Witt (Elder) to Dundee: First (Elgin District) from Chicago: First (Associate) (Chicago Southern District). Wendy follows Joane Patton-Seaton who is serving as interim.

March Announcements

Avani-Cosset Christian (Elder) to West Chicago: First (Aurora District) from Kaneville (Aurora District). Avani follows Nancy Blade whose appointment announcement will be forthcoming.
Brian Gilbert (Elder) to DeKalb District Superintendent from Princeton (DeKalb District). Brian follows Young-Mee Park who is appointed to Hinsdale (Aurora District).
Fabiola Grandon-Mayer (Elder) to Rockford District Superintendent from Rockford: Centennial Multicultural (Rockford District). Fabiola follows Lisa Kruse-Safford who is appointed to Crystal Lake: First.

Nancy Blade (Elder) to Kaneville (Aurora District) from West Chicago: First (Aurora District). Nancy follows Avani-Cosset Christian who is appointed to West Chicago: First.
Uziel Hernandez (Provisional Elder) to Rockford: Centennial Multicultural (Rockford District) from Elmhurst: Faith Evangelical (Elgin District). Uziel follows Fabiola Grandon-Mayer who is appointed as Rockford District Superintendent.

Ryan Sutton (Elder) to Princeton (DeKalb District) from Morrison (DeKalb District). Ryan follows Brian Gilbert who is appointed as DeKalb District Superintendent.

April Announcements

Felicia Howell LaBoy (Elder) to Melrose Park: Cosmopolitan (Chicago Northwestern District) (1/4 time) while also serving at Oak Park: St. John's (Chicago Northwestern District) (¾ time). Felicia follows Kye Ile Hong who is retiring.

Hyewon Sophia Hyon (Provisional Elder) to Chicago: First (Temple) (Associate Pastor) (Chicago Southern District) from Coleta (DeKalb District) and Milledgeville (Rockford District). Sophia follows Wendy Witt who is appointed to Dundee: First.

Noah Panlilio (Elder) to Morrison (DeKalb District) from Malta/Northwest Malta (DeKalb District). Noah follows Ryan Sutton who is appointed to Princeton.

Christian Coon (Elder) to River Forest (1/4 time), River Forest New Faith Community (1/2 time) (Chicago: Northwestern District). Chris will also continue in ministry with Urban Village. He follows Edgar Solis (¶ 346.1 Clergy from another Annual Conference) who will return to his home conference.

Richard Fassig (Local Pastor) to Millington (Aurora District) while also serving Serena, Norway and Harding (DeKalb District). Rich follows Kirk Scott who is retiring.

Bonnie Johanson-Warner (Diaconal) to retirement. Bonnie was consecrated a Diaconal Minister of Music in 1997. During her service Bonnie was on staff at Naperville: Grace and was a freelance composer, performer, and teacher.

Eun Young Ko (Elder) to Elmhurst: Faith Evangelical (Elgin District) from Northbrook: Glenbrook Korean (Chicago: Northwestern District). Eun Young follows Uziel Hernandez who is appointed to Rockford: Centennial (Rockford District).

Taekhwan Lee (Provisional Elder) to Chicago: Granville (1/4 time) (Chicago Northwestern District) while also serving Chicago: West Ridge (3/4 time). T.K. follows Allen Barbour (DSS) who will conclude his ministry with Granville.

Aaron McLeod (¶ 346.2 Clergy from Another Denomination) appointed to Chicago: Gorham (Chicago Southern District). Aaron follows Pamela Pirtle who is appointed to extension ministry. Effective April 1.

Kathy Reeves (Elder) to retirement from Medical Leave. Kathy became a Probationary Member in 1980 and Full Member in 1982. During her ministry she served Chicago: Gammon Memorial (Associate). Harvey: First (Associate). Oak Park: Frances Willard Memorial. Health & Welfare, General Board of Global Ministry (Executive Secretary). Oak Park: Euclid. Most recently Kathy was on medical leave.

Jeremiah Thompson (¶ 346.1 Clergy from Another Annual Conference) to Malta/Northwest Malta (DeKalb District) from Sterling: Wesley (DeKalb District). Jeremiah follows Noah Panlilio who is appointed to Morrison (DeKalb District).

Chan Ik Choi (Provisional Elder) to Urban Village Church (Chicago Southern District) from Chana and Oregon: Lighthouse (DeKalb District). Chan Ik follows Chris Coon who is appointed to Forest Park New Faith Community, Forest Forest and Urban Village Church.

Joel McClellan (Local Pastor) to Coleta/Milledgeville (DeKalb/Rockford District) from Paw Paw and Compton (DeKalb District). Joel follows Sophia Hyon who is appointed to the Chicago: Temple.

Kim Chapman (Local Pastor) to Thomson/Argo Fay (Rockford District) as ¾ time Local Pastor. Kim follows George Woosnam who has been serving as interm.

Matthew Smith (Provisional Elder) to Chana/Lighthouse (DeKalb District) from Pearl City/McConnell (Rockford District). Matt follows Chan Ik Choi who is appointed to Urban Village Church.

Ayla Samson (Provisional Elder) moves from part-time at Lombard: Faith (Aurora District) to full-time.

May Announcements

Kihwan Choi (Elder) to Northbrook: Glenbrook Korean (Chicago Northwestern District) from Seneca: First/Marseilles (DeKalb District). Kihwan follows Eun-Young Ko who is appointed to Elmhurst: Faith Evangelical (Elgin District).

Paul Lee (Elder) to Sterling: Wesley (DeKalb District) from Waterman (DeKalb District). Paul follows Jeremiah Thompson who is appointed to Malta/Northwest Malta (DeKalb District).

Dawn Barr (Certified Lay Minister) to Van Brocklin/Florence (Rockford District). Dawn follows Kathleen Brinkmeier who passed away earlier this year.

Deborah Percell (Elder) to Lake Bluff: Grace (Elgin District) from Elgin: Epworth (Elgin District). Deb follows GaHyung Kim whose appointment will be announced at a later date.

Karen May (Local Pastor) to Chicago: Mandell (Chicago Northwestern District). Karen follows Thoreau May.

Rich Ottens (District Superintendent Supply) to Hanover (part-time)(Rockford District). Rich follows Bonnie Davies who has been serving as interim.
GaHyung Kim (Elder) to Lockport: First and Lisle: Faith (Aurora District) from Lake Bluff: Grace (Elgin District). GaHyung follows Phil Sheets and Craig Jones who return to retired status.
Donald Guest (Elder) to retirement. Don became a probationary member of the Northern Illinois Conference in 1982 upon recognition of Orders from the African Methodist Episcopal Church. He became a full member in 1984. During his ministry Don was appointed to Chicago: Julia Gay, Chicago: Washington Heights, Chicago: St. Mark (Associate), Chicago: Gammon, Chicago: Hartzell Memorial and Chicago: Southern District Superintendent. Don has been serving in the California Nevada Conference since 2006.
Donald Guest (Retired Elder) to Chicago: Epworth (Part-time) (Chicago; Northwestern District). Don follows Lindsey Long Joyce who remains serving at Chicago: United Church of Rogers Park.
Larry Dunlap-Berg (Elder) to Transitional Leave from extension ministry to the Cumberland Science Museum.

Donna Hoffman (Local Pastor) to Pearl City and McConnell (Rockford District). Donna follows Matthew Smith who is appointed to Chana/Lighthouse (DeKalb District).
Kwang Sung Lim (Elder) to Seneca: First/Marseilles (DeKalb District) from Ingleside (Elgin District). Kwang Sung follows Kihwan Choi who is appointed to Northbrook: Glenbrook Korean (Chicago: Northwestern District).
Jaeeon (Jake) Cho (District Superintendent Supply) to Waterman (DeKalb District). Jack follows Paul Lee who is appointed to Sterling: Wesley (DeKalb District).

Jesus Molina (Local Pastor) to Franklin Park (1/4 time) (Chicago Northwestern District) while also continuing at Stone Park and Chicago: Emmanuel. Jesus follows Kye Ile Hong who is retiring.
Kim Chapman (Local Pastor) to Mt. Carroll (Rockford District) while also serving Thomson and Argo Fay (Rockford District). Kim follows Donna Hoffman who is appointed to Pearl City/McConnel (Rockford District).
Jerrod Severing (Provisional Elder) to Elgin: Epworth (Elgin District) from Lanark (Rockford District). Jerrod follows Deborah Percell who is appointed to Lake Bluff: Grace (Elgin District). Effective August 1.

June Announcements

Marilyn Nolan (Elder) to Lanark (Rockford District) from Dixon: Grace (DeKalb District). Marilyn follows Jarrod Severing who is appointed to Elgin: Epworth. Effective August 1.

Le Mai Tran (Local Pastors License Pending) to Chicago: First Vietnamese. Le Mai follows Wesley Van who will leave the appointment.

July Announcements

Annie Lockhart-Gilroy (Provisional Deacon) appointed to Phillips Theological Seminary as Assistant Professor of Christian Education and Practical Theology.
Heesung Hwang (Deacon) appointed to Chicago Theological Seminary as Visiting Assistant Professor of Christian Education and Louisville Institute Post Doctoral Fellow from appointment to attend school.
Annie Gonzales (Elder) to Access Community Health Network as Chaplain from Transitional Leave, also serving Chicago: Union Avenue (1/4 time) (Chicago Southern District). Effective July 8.
Danice Loveridge (Deacon) to Transitional Leave from appointment as Executive Director of the Belvidere Boone County Food Pantry. Effective June 14.
Erin Simmons (Provisional Deacon) to Department of Children, Youth and Families in the State of Washington as Social Services Specialist, from Transitional Leave. Effective May 16.
Christine Hides (Provisional Deacon) to Kenilworth Union Church as Director of Christian Education.
Grant Swanson (Provisional Deacon) to Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary as the Recruitment Coordinator.
Rosa Lee (Elder) to Dixon: Grace (DeKalb District) from Northern Illinois University Wesley Foundation Campus Minister and Cortland (DeKalb District). Rosa follows Marilyn Nolan (Elder) to Lanark (Rockford District). Effective August 1.
Kaitlyn Frantz (Local Pastor) to Northern Illinois University Wesley Foundation Campus Minister (1/2 time) (DeKalb District). Kaitlyn follows Rosa Lee who is appointed to Dixon: Grace.
Paul Judd (Elder) to Medical Leave from appointment to another conference.

Appointment Announcements – Fall, 2019

Colleen Norman (Elder) to Hazel Crest: Community ½ time while remaining at Oak Lawn ½ time (Chicago Southern District). Colleen follows Paul Lawson (Local Pastor) who has transferred out of state. Effective October 1.

Amos Oladipo (Elder) to Blue Island: Grace (1/2 time) while also remaining at Park Forest (1/2 time) (Chicago Southern District). Amos follows Paul Lawson (Local Pastor) who has transferred out of state. Effective September 1. 

Grace Oh (Elder) to Chicago: Thornton ¼ time while also remaining at Chicago: Englewood Rust. (Chicago Southern District). Grace follows Amos Oladipo who is appointed to Blue Island: Grace.  Effective October 1
Cherie Quillman (District Supply) to Cortland ¼ time (DeKalb District). Cherie follows Rosa Lee who was appointed to Dixon: Grace. Effective September 1.

Jason Turner (Elder) to Villa Park: Calvary as pulpit supply ½ time (Elgin District). Jason follows Julie Fleurinor-Moore (Local Pastor) who has transferred to the Florida Conference. Effective September 1.

David Holden (Retired Local Pastor) to Paw Paw/Compton ¾ time (DeKalb District). Dave follows Glen Stewart who will re-retire. Effective January 1. 

Linda Misewicz-Perconte (Elder) to retirement from Chicago: Ravenswood (Chicago Northwestern District). Linda was ordained a Deacon in 1979 and an Elder in 1985. During her ministry, she served Mt. Hope, Aurora: Bethany of Fox Valley, Woodridge, and Chicago: Ravenswood Fellowship. Effective January 1. 

Erin James-Brown (Clergy from another Denomination) to Chicago: Ravenswood Fellowship as Interim.  Effective January 1.

Krista Paradiso (Elder) and Gregory Gross (Deacon) to Chicago: Berry as interim team following April Gutierrez (Local Pastor) who has transferred to Michigan.  Krista will service ¼ time at Berry while remaining at Chicago: Elston Avenue ¾ time.  Gregory will serve 1/4 time while remaining at The Night Ministry. Effective January 1.
Gary Waters (Elder) to Retirement.  Gary was ordained a Deacon in 1993 and Elder in 1995. He served Freeport: First, Dundee: First, Northbrook, Belvidere, McHenry: First, Mount Hope, Glen Ellyn: St. Thomas, Grayslake: United Protestant and Cary. Effective August 1.

Juancho Campanano (Elder) to DuPage County Sheriff’s Office, JUST program as Senior Chaplain and Spiritual Care Manager from Bethany Hospital as chaplain. Effective October 1.

Anne Hampson (Deacon) to retirement. Anne was ordained a Full Deacon in 2007. During her ministry, she served at the Center for Religion and Psychotherapy, Samaritan Counseling Center and in private practice as a psychotherapist. Effective November 7.

Raney Good (Deacon) to retirement. Raney was Consecrated a Diaconal Minister in 1987 and full Deacon in 1997. During her ministry, she served St. Charles: Baker Memorial, Sugar Grove and Kaneland School District.  Effective December 31.

Teran Loeppke (Deacon) to Ministry Beyond the Local Church with Interfaith Fellowship for Universal Health Care as a statewide interfaith clergy organizer, from Family Leave. Effective June 1.

Brett McCleneghan (Retired Elder) to Houston Methodist The Woodlands Hospital as chaplain. Effective September 1.

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