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UMM Spiritual Congress

Location: Online

September 19 and 20

The theme is “Get Your Sandals Dusty” and our goal is to excite, enable, motivate, and communicate ideas for rolling up our sleeves, getting in the trenches, and “being doers of the word, not hearers only” (James 1:22).”  We are looking for inspiration and concrete opportunities to be a part of the long-term process for mitigating the racism, violence, intolerance, and social unrest that is institutional, but has escalated dramatically over the past several months.  

Taking advantage of the online venue, we have invited high profile community leaders to prepare videos to give us their perspective on how we, as Christian men in Northern Illinois, can contribute to building trust and mitigating the violence and social unrest following the tragic killing of George Floyd, the criminal destruction of private property, and other ugly and unchristian effects of institutional racism in our region.  So far Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, U.S. Rep Danny Davis (D) Chicago & western suburbs, U.S. Rep Adam Kinzinger (R) Rockford & far west suburbs and Father Pfleger a Chicago priest and community activist have officially accepted.  We also have messages from powerful speakers and preachers from the UMC and UMM, including Bishop Sally Dyck, NIC; Bishop James Swanson, Mississippi AC; Gil Hanke, General Secretary of the GCUMM; Steven Scheid, Director of the Center for Scouting; Rev. Jeffry Bross the Aurora District DS and Pastors Norvel Brown and Caleb Hong. 

Part of the United Methodist doctrine is to intentionally oppose racism in all forms and as recently as June, 2019, our Conference formally adopted Three Strategic Goals, one of which is “to live out the conviction that racism is incompatible with Christian teaching.”  “Our goal is not part of a political or social agenda but rather, it is part of the Gospel Agenda and an affirmation of the divine image of God in each person.”  We are hoping for messages from our speakers that will help United Methodist Men craft relevant plans for the future and inspire effective engagement among our members.

Please register on our website at and the ZOOM login id will be emailed to you as we get closer to the event.  (If you have preregistered you do not need to register again.)  

This is an event you won't want to miss!

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