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Prairie Central Leadership Training

Location: Gary UMC, 224 N. Main St., Wheaton, IL

District Leadership Training Pc 2023

Cost $15 each

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8:30 Gathering/Coffee
8:45 Worship
9:00 Workshop 1
10:30 Break
10:45 Workshop 2
12:15 Closing
12:30 Lunch


Pick 2 Classes (All classes are offered in both sessions)

  • Staff Parish Relations Committee Workshop - Rev. Arlene Christopherson
    The SPRC Workshop will include a look at the role and duties of a Staff Parish Committee as stated in the Book of Discipline. We will review best practices and practical advice for navigating this important intersect between pastor, congregation and annual conference.
  • Connecting Money to Mission - Rev. Tammy Scott
    Together we will think about how giving is a spiritual discipline AND about practical ways for the church to communicate how money is connected to the mission of the church.
  • Don't Give Up on Evangelism and Outreach but Don't Invite Them to Church - Rev. Jeffry Bross
    Why aren't people back in the pews now that the pandemic is "over?"  Where are all the young people?  How do we navigate evangelism and outreach in 2023 and beyond?  Most of us are still engaging in the old way of inviting people to "church."  Is that way of evangelism no longer effective?  Should we look at doing things differently?  Engage with concepts, practices and ideas to rethink how and why to do outreach and evangelism.
  • The New Landscape of Christian Education - Rev. Sherry Steele
    There is no doubt that there have been shifts over the past three years in how we disciple children, youth, and adults in our congregations. Lower and less frequent attendance has affected most churches’ educational programming. Volunteer needs have increased. The curriculum we use and the ways we teach must keep up with the changes at hand. In this breakout, participants will consider some of the emerging trends and the different ways leaders are adapting. Time will be given for opportunities to share your experience and ask questions. Ultimately, creativity and flexibility and relationship-building will be key to helping grow disciples (of all ages) of Jesus today.
  • Loving God and Loving Ministry: Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me Earlier - Rev Mary Zajac and Rev. Cynthia Anderson
    It seems like loving God and loving ministry should easily go hand in hand.  However, whether we are involved in the ministry of the laity, licensed, or ordained we soon discover that these two fundamentals of Christian living occasionally seem to lead in different directions.  Our love of God can be stretched to breaking by the people we minister with and to.  Our ministry can take so much time and energy that our love of God gets put on the back burner.  In this session, we'll talk frankly about the challenges, and share wisdom about how to love both God and ministry for the long haul.

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