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Peace with Justice Sunday

May 27, 2018

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The annual Peace with Justice offering is an opportunity for churches throughout the United Methodist Connection to support two organizations with one offering: first, The General Board of Church and Society and its work for social justice at national and international scales; and second, each conference’s local Board of Church and Society and its work to address issues of injustice within its respective jurisdiction. 

The date for this year’s Peace with Justice offering is Sunday, May 27, 2018. Special giving envelopes and posters can be ordered by clicking here. 

The Northern Illinois Conference’s Board of Church and Society has been inactive for the last few years; however, this past fall, the Board began meeting again and now has new leadership. More information will be shared in the coming year of how the NIC’s Board of Church and Society aims to foster a culture of passion for social justice throughout our conference. Your donations to the Peace with Justice offering support this work, as well as special grants the Board makes to organizations within the Northern Illinois area which support social justice endeavors such as racial equality, helping released prisoners reintegrate into society, and workers’ rights.

News & Announcements

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Maurine Sheppard, Hanover United Methodist Church Lay Member to Annual Conference, passed away Sunday, December 2nd.  

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