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Bishops Appeal 2020


2020 Special Offering



The Global Mission Secondary School with The United Methodist Church in Tanzania is the recipient of this year's Bishop's Appeal offering at the 2020 Annual Conference. The project is under the direction of NIC Elder and Global Missionary Rev. Young Seon (Christina) Kim. The school has been her vision and dream to give boys and girls in Tanzania the opportunity of an education.

Click the video below to hear Rev. Kim give an update on the construction progress and her invitation for churches to be part of this exciting project.

Donations will help complete the second phase of construction on the co-ed boarding school for children ages 13-18.

Watch a video update on the construction

Download Brochure


Text "Give" to (844) 563-0429

Checks may be mailed to:
Northern Illinois Conference
PO Box 5646
Carol Stream, IL 60197-5646​
Put "Bishop's Appeal" in the memo line.

***Update 10/20/20***

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Crews continue to work on the dorms at the Global Missions Secondary School in Tanzania.

Stage 1 - 85% complete. Stage 2 (dorms) - 40% complete. This week we are continuing to finish work on  Stage 1. Also, roofing work for dorms in Stage 2 will be starting. God has been awesome. By God’s grace, we made 40 sets of student tables and chairs and are continuing to make furniture. We will be ready for the second school inspection after Nov. 15. 

***Update 4/29/2020***

Missionary Rev. Young Seon (Christina) Kim is asking for continued prayers for Tanzania as COVID-19 continues to spread across the country. A three-day call for national prayer was held April 17-19. Despite the pandemic, construction on the Global Missions Secondary School, the recipient of this year's Bishop's Appeal, continues. "Confirmed cases of COVID-19 are increasing every day but there is no emphasis on social distancing," said Rev. Kim who added people are hungry and lacking sanitary supplies. Rev. Kim said if churches would like to donate to her Advance indicating the donation is for COVID-19 relief, she will work toward providing food and supplies to those in need. Fundraising is also continuing for the construction of the school, which is slated to be completed by Jan. 2021. Give to Advance #3022281 for programs and ministry to help Rev. Kim provide food and sanitary supplies for COVID-19 relief in Tanzania. Please indicate your church and that the donation is for COVID-19 relief.  Checks with the Advance # in the memo line may be sent to "Advance GCFA” at P.O. Box 9068 New York, NY 10087-9068. Click here to donate. 

Words of encouragement may be sent to Christina at

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