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NIC General and Jurisdictional Delegation

2019 Lay Delegation for General Conference 

  • Lonnie Chafin (Ballot #1)
  • Nadia R. Kanhai (Ballot #4 )
  • Adrian Hill  - Vice Chair (Ballot #7)

Clergy Delegation for General Conference

  • Rev. Alka Lyall - Chair (Ballot #6)
  • Rev. Luis Reyes (Ballot #9)
  • Rev. Gregory Gross (Ballot #15)

Lay Delegation to Jurisdictional Conference

  • Rita L. Smith (Ballot #8)
  • Jessie Cunningham (Ballot #8)
  • Ronnie Lyall (Ballot #11)

Alternates: Nancy Pendergrass and Mark Manzi

Clergy Delegation to Jurisdictional

  • Rev. Hwa-Young Chong (Ballot #16)
  • Rev. Jacques Conway (Ballot #16)
  • Rev. Brian Gilbert (Ballot #18) 

Alternates: Rev. Britt Cox and Rev. Rachel Birkhahn-Rommelfanger

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Episcopacy Committee NIC Members

• Elisa Gatz (Lay)

• Gregory Gross (Clergy)


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Forms available for episcopal candidates

Candidates who wish to be considered for election to the episcopacy by the 2020 North Central Jurisdictional Conference may download the forms below.

Covenant document for 2020 NCJ candidates for bishop as developed by the 2020 NCJ Committee on Episcopacy.

Information form for 2020 Episcopal candidates

Document developed by the NCJ Committee on Episcopacy for guidance to delegations and episcopal candidates.

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