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2021 Annual Conference

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2021 Virtual Annual Conference

The 182nd Northern Illinois Annual Conference was held July 16-17 online through a Zoom webinar.

Theme: Jesus Makes a Way



Program Booklet

►Livestream (YouTube) 

►Livestream (Facebook) 

Videos to watch and download:

(please visit the program booklet for music copyright information and acknowledgments)

Important Updates:

  • Online registration closed June 30 at midnight. 
  • Clergy Session - June 28, 10 am - 12 noon via Zoom. Registration is closed. Download the Clergy Packet.
  • Legislation and Historical Documents will be posted online by June 16. 
  • For an Agenda of the two days, click here.
  • Laity Session will kick off Annual Conference the evening before and held via Zoom on Thursday, July 15 at 7 pm.  Registration is closed. A recording will be available to view following the event.
  • Pre-Conference Briefings:  Two webinars were held July 8 & 12. To watch the recording with adjustments to volume on some of the presentations, click here.  It's strongly recommended voting members watch the briefing to learn the standing rules and procedures as well as information on legislative documents.
  • AC Tech Training: If you missed one of the two tech trainings, watch the recording here.
  • 2021 Ordination Service - Oct. 1. Limited in-person service.
  • Fall Session - Oct. 2

News and Updates                       

  • Legislation and Historical Documents are uploaded and ready to download and preview. Click here.
  • Call Letter from Bishop Hopkins
  • Laity Call Letter
  • AC Committee Announces Dates Read latest
  • Bible study leader will be Bishop Julius C. Trimble from the Indiana Conference. Session dates and details are still being determined.
  • The Memorial Service preacher will be Bishop Hee-Soo Jung from the Wisconsin Conference. If you know of clergy or a lay member to Annual Conference who passed away after Sept. 1, 2020, please send the name and photo to
  • Bishop Tracy S. Malone from the East Ohio Conference will be the preacher for the 2021 Ordination Service on Oct. 1.
  • ALL historical documents and proposed legislation for the conference must be submitted by May 3, 2021, to Rev. Katie Voigt, Chair of Daily Proceedings, by Email. Please note that there are no exceptions to this deadline. If you have any questions about how to format your documents, please feel free to contact Rev. Voigt at the same email address during your writing process. *All legislative documents must be in the Action/Rationale format with a maximum of 500 words for the rationale, be submitted as a Microsoft Word document and able to be edited. 

News & Announcements