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2023 Appointments and Retirements

2023 Appointments and Retirements

Bishop Dan Schwerin announces the following clergy appointments for the Northern Illinois Conference of The United Methodist Church, effective July 1, 2023 (unless otherwise noted):

January Announcements

  • Sharon Rice (Full Deacon) to Naperville: Community (Prairie Central District) from Belvidere: First (Prairie North District). Effective January 1.
  • Jay Shin (Local Pastor) to Belvidere: First Associate (1/2 time) (Prairie North District) while continuing ministry at Capron UMC/Chemung UMC (Prairie North District). Effective January 1.
  • Gary Rich (Local Pastor) to Cedarville in retirement (1/4 time) (Prairie North District). Gary currently serves both Freeport: Red Oak and Cedarville (Prairie North District).
  • Arlene Christopherson (Full Elder) to Assistant to the Bishop from the joint appointment as Director of Connectional Ministries and Assistant to the Bishop.
  • Fabiola Grandon-Mayer (Full Elder) to Director of Connectional Ministries from Prairie North District Superintendent. Fabiola follows Arlene Christopherson who will remain as the Assistant to the Bishop.
  • David Aslesen (Full Elder) to St. Charles: Baker Memorial (Prairie Central District) from Park Ridge: First (Lake North District). David follows Mary Zajac who is retiring.
  • Melissa Meyers (Full Elder) to Batavia (Prairie Central District) from Freeport: Faith (Prairie North District). Melissa follows Cynthia Anderson who is retiring.
  • Karen Sersen (Local Pastor) will conclude her ministry at Fox River Grove: Community (Prairie Central).

February Announcements

  • Hwa-Young Chong (Full Elder) to Prairie North District Superintendent from Naperville: Community (Prairie Central District). Hwa-Young follows Fabiola Grandon-Mayer who is appointed to Director of Connectional Ministries.
  • Scott Himel (Full Elder) to Park Ridge: First (Lake North District) from Glencoe: Northshore (Lake North District). Scott follows David Aslesen who is appointed to St. Charles: Baker Memorial (Prairie Central District)
  • Jacob Tipantasig-Wolverton (Licensed Local Pastor) to Naperville: Community (Prairie Central District) transferred from the Indiana Conference. Jacob follows Hwa-Young Chong who is appointed to Prairie North District Superintendent.
  • Josiah Montgomery (Licensed Local Pastor) to Chicago: Hartzell Memorial (Lake South District) from Chicago: East Side. Josiah follows Richard Mosley (Retired 346.1) who is serving as the interim.
  • Esther Lee (Full Elder) to Glencoe: North Shore (Lake North District) from Deerfield: Christ. Esther follows Scott Himel who is appointed to Park Ridge: First (Lake North District).
  • Joel McClellon (Provisional Elder) to Freeport: Faith (Prairie North District) from Milledgeville/Colleta (Prairie South District). Joel follows Melissa Meyers who is appointed to Batavia (Prairie Central District)
  • Daniel Cochran (Full Elder) to Wheaton: Gary as an Associate (Prairie Central) from Wheaton: Aldersgate (Prairie Central). Daniel moves to this appointment following the merger of the two congregations.
  • Open Churches
    • Andrea Davidson (346.1) will be going to New York opening up Chicago: Kelly Woodlawn (Lake South District).
    • Dennis Oglesby (Full Elder) will be going to Minnesota opening up Evanston: Sherman (Lake North District).
    • John Bell (Full Elder) will be going to Kentucky opening up Aurora: Wesley (Prairie Central District).

March Announcements

  • Kurt Beystehner (Certified Lay Minister) to Alden (Prairie North District). Kurt follows Alex Lee who will continue serving at Harvard: First. (Prairie North District).
  • Brett Todd (Full Elder) to retirement from Rockford: Beth Eden/Aldersgate (Prairie North District). Brett was ordained a Deacon in 1992 and an Elder in 1994. During his ministry, Brett served at Esmond, Maple Park, Albany, Carol Stream: St. Andrew, Rochelle, Wilmette: Trinity, LaSalle: Grace and Rockford: Beth Eden/Aldersgate.
  • Tammy Scott (Full Elder) to Aurora: Wesley (Prairie Central District) from Sugar Grove (Prairie South District). Tammy follows John Bell who is moving to Kentucky.
  • Innis Miller (Full Elder) to Chicago: Kelly Woodlawn (Lake South District from Chicago: Grace Calvary while remaining at Chicago: Grace Blue Island (Lake South District). Innis follows Andrea Davidson who is moving to the New York Annual Conference.
  • Christopher Druce Jones (Pending Licensure) to Rockford: Christ the Carpenter (Prairie North District). Christopher follows Steven Terrell whose ministry ended.
  • Rachel Birkhahn-Rommelfanger (Elder) to Children's Defense Fund from Chicago Jobs Council. Effective February 20th.
  • Jungmi (Deborah) Kang (Full Elder) appointment to attend school opening up Carol Stream: St. Andrew (Prairie Central District). * Updated 4/1/23 to 346.1 California Nevada Conference (Richmond, Open Door UMC) while also pursuing a PhD at Graduate Theological Union.
  • Jane Eesley (Full Elder) to Methodist Liaison Advocacy Coordinator with the Methodist Liaison Office in Jerusalem, Israel (General Board of Global Ministries) from Rockford: Christ (Prairie North District).
  • Keri Rainsberger (Full Elder) to Davenport-Edwall (Pacific Northwest Conference) from Lena (Prairie North District).
  • Joshua Brown (Licensed Local Pastor) to Polo: Faith (1/2 time) (Prairie South District) while remaining at Chana (1/2 time) (Prairie South District). Joshua follows Brian LeBaron who is retiring. 
  • Chan Ik Choi (Provisional Elder) to Carol Stream: St. Andrews (Prairie Central District) from Chicago: Urban Village Church (Lake North District). Chan follows Jungmi (Deborah) Kang who will be appointed to attend school.
  • Sung-Eun Kim (Provisional Elder) to Transitional Leave from Forreston/Leaf River (Prairie North District).
  • Joe Munroe (Licensed Local Pastor) to Sugar Grove (Prairie South District) from Maple Park and Sycamore (Prairie South District). Joe follows Tammy Scott who is appointed to Aurora: Wesley (Prairie Central District).

April Announcements

  • Mary Rawlinson (Full Deacon) to Family Leave from Appointment Beyond the Local Church (Hampton Center in New York). Effective March 10th.
  • Fernando Siaba (Retired Elder) to interim Senior Pastor at Franklin Park: First (Lake North District). Fernando follows Jesus Molina whose ministry is ended. Effective April 1.
  • Matthew Smith (Provisional Elder) to Freeport: Red Oak (1/4) (Prairie North District), while remaining at Warren (Prairie North District). Matthew follows Gary Rich (Retired Licensed Local Pastor) as the charge is unyoked and he remains at Cedarville (Prairie North District).
  • Claire Marich (Full Deacon) to retirement. Claire was commissioned as a Deacon in 2008 and ordained in 2010. During her ministry she served at Advocate Lutheran General Hospital (CRP Program), Innovative Hospice, Heartland Hospice (Hillside, IL, Spiritual Care Coordinator), and Ecumenical Shared Ministries on staff at Asbury Memorial Church in Savannah. Effective January 1, 2023
  • Susan Flinn-Portee (Full Elder) to retirement. Susan transferred from Illinois Great Rivers Conference to Northern Illinois Conference in 1998. During her ministry she served at Northwestern Memorial Hospital and Harris Methodist Hospital. Effective March 29th, 2023
  • Chung Nam Kwak (Retired Elder) to Flossmoor: South Suburban as interim. Chung Nam follows Ho Gun Kim who has withdrawn his orders. April 9, 2023
  • Jenny Weber (Full Elder) to Extension Ministry (New Morning Retreat Center) from Hampshire: First and Hampshire: Zion (North Prairie District).
  • Kimberley Neace (Full Deacon) to Naperville: Grace (Prairie Central District) from St. Charles: Baker Memorial (Prairie Central District). June 1, 2023.
  • Alex Lee (Licensed Local Pastor) to Harvard: Hispanic NFC (Prairie North District) from Alden (Prairie North District) while remaining at Harvard: First (Prairie North District).
  • Mark Harkness (Full Elder) to New Milford (Prairie North District) (1/4 time) while continuing at Cherry Valley (Prairie North District) (3/4 time). Mark follows Kazimierz Fiut who is ending his ministry.
  • Aaron McLeod (Provisional Elder) to Evanston: Sherman (Lake North District) from Chicago: Gorham (Lake South District). Aaron follows Dennis Oglesby who is appointed in the Minnesota Conference.
  • Caleb Hong (Full Elder) to Rockford: Christ (Prairie North District) from Orland Park: Faith (Lake South District). Caleb follows Jane Eesley who is appointed as a missionary in Jerusalem, Israel (General Board of Global Ministries).
  • Sarah Hong (Full Elder) to Rockford: Beth Eden/Aldersgate (Prairie North District) from Minooka (Prairie South District). Sarah follows Brett Todd who is retiring.
  • Marcia Peddicord (Certified Lay Minister/District Superintendent Supply) to Mount Morris: Disciples (Prairie South District) (3/4 time) from Malden (Prairie South District). Marcia follows Julie Bunt who is retiring.
  • David Rogula (Retired Elder) to Lighthouse (Prairie South District) (1/4 time) while remaining at Esmond (Prairie South District) (1/2 time). David follows Joshua who is appointed to Polo: Faith and Chana. 
  • Melissa Earley (Full Elder) to St. George Episcopal Church in Leadville, CO under paragraph 345, Appointment to Ecumenical Shared Ministries, from Arlington Heights: First (Lake North District)
  • Jeremiah Thompson (Full Elder) to Maple Park (1/2 time) while remaining at Malta (1/2 time) (Prairie South District). Jeremiah follows Joe Munroe who is appointed to Sugar Grove (Prairie South District).

May Announcements

  • Melwyn Alagodi (Full Elder) to the newly yoked appointment of Lena (1/2 time) and Stockton: Wesley (1/2 time) (Prairie North District). Melwyn follows Keri Rainsberger who is moving to Pacific Northwest and Doug Carroll who has withdrawn his credentials.
  • Roger Bronkema (Licensed Local Pastor) to Pearl City: First (1/4 time) while remaining at Orangeville (1/2 time) (Praire North District). Roger follows Doug Carroll who has withdrawn his credentials.
  • Sung-Ja Lee Moon (Retired Elder) and Soong In Moon (Retired Elder) to (interim) Wheeling: First Korean United Methodist Church. Sung-Ja and Soong-In follow Kwangtae Kim who is taking renewal leave before taking his next appointment. Effective May 15.
  • Victor Melad Jr. (Full Elder) to Sr. Pastor for Oak Park: St. John’s (1/4 time) while remaining at Chicago: Edison Park (3/4 time) (Lake North District). Vic follows Noah Panillio who is retiring.
  • Jacques Conway (Full Elder) to Orland Park: Faith (Lake South District) from the Lake South District Superintendent. Jacques follows Caleb Hong who is appointed to Rockford: Christ (Prairie North District).
  • Kyeong-Ah Woo (Full Elder) from GBGM Missionary to Switzerland, to Program Manager, Mission Engagement, General Board of Global Ministries.
  • Donna Hoffman (Retired Local Pastor) to Elizabeth: First (1/4 time) while remaining at Hanover (1/4 time) (Prairie North District). Donna follows Roger Bronkema as Elizabeth is unyoked from Orangeville to be yoked with Pearl City: First (Prairie North District).
  • Kicheon (Peter) Ahn (Provisional Elder) to Milledgeville (1/2 time) and Coleta (1/2 time) (Prairie South District) from Leon and Fenton (Prairie South District). Peter follows Joel McClellan who is appointed to Freeport: Faith (Prairie North District).
  • Audrea Nanabray (Full Elder) to Lake South District Superintendent from Des Plaines: First (Lake North District). Audrea follows Jacques Conway who is appointed to Orland Park: Faith (Lake South District)
  • Norval Brown (Full Elder) to ¼ time Fox River Grove to create a partnership with Cary, while remaining lead pastor at Cary. Norval follows Karen Sersen who is retiring.
  • Bradford Wilson (Full Elder) to retirement from Sterling: First and Trinity (Prairie South District). Brad was ordained a Deacon in 1982 and an Elder in 1985. During his ministry he served Tampico, Stockton: Wesley, Rockford: Brooke Road, Fenton, Downers Grove: Faith, Des Plaines: First, and Sterling: First (3/4 time), Sterling: Trinity (1/4 time). Brad will serve as a Retired Clergy at Sterling: First (1/2 time) (Prairie South).
  • James Rough (Full Elder) to retirement from Havenwood Heritage Heights Retirement Village (Concord, NH). James was ordained a Deacon in 1977 and an Elder in 1981. During his ministry he served at Aurora: Fourth Street (Associate). Lutheran General Hospital (Park Ridge, IL, Chaplain and CPE Supervisor), and Children's Hospital National Medical Center.
  • Robert Biekman (Full Elder) to Chicago: Gorham (3/4 time) (Lake South District) from Transitional Leave. Robert follows Aaron McLeod who is appointed to Evanston: Sherman (Lake North District)
  • Rick Carlson (Retired Elder) to interim Arlington Heights: First (Lake North District) from Waukegan: New Hope (Lake North District). Rick follows Melissa Earley who is appointed to St. George Episcopal Church in Leadville, CO under paragraph 345, Appointment to Ecumenical Shared Ministries.
  • Sung-Eun Kim (Full Elder) to El Buen Samaritano UMC and University Heights UMC (New Mexico Conference) from Forreston and Leaf River (Prairie North District).
  • Charles Straight (Licensed Local Pastor) to Chicago: Eastside (1/4 time) (Lake South District) from Dolton: Faith (Lake South District). Charles follows Josiah Montgomery who is appointed to Chicago: Hartzell Memorial (Lake South District).
  • Sun Hyung Jo (Full Elder) to Wheeling: First Korean (Lake North District) from Skokie: Jesus Love (Lake North District). Sun Hyung follows Sung Ja Lee Moon and Soong-In (Steve) Moon who are serving as interim.
  • Daniel Davis (Retired Elder) to Waukegan: New Hope (1/2 time) (Lake North District). Dan follows Rick Carlson who is appointed interim to Arlington Heights: First (Lake North District).
  • Hope Chernich (Full Elder) to Des Plaines: First (Lake North District) from Chicago: Northside Co-Op churches—Grace Logan Square, Big Shoulders, Ravenswood Fellowship and United Church of Rogers Park (Lake North District). Hope follows Audrea Nanabray who is appointed to the Lake South Superintendency. Effective August 1.
  • Michael Mitchell (Licensed Local Pastor) to Maple Park (1/4th time) while remaining at New Gresham (1/4 time) (Lake South District). Michael follows Jeannette Wilson whose ministry has concluded.
  • Joey Garcea (Full Elder) to Leon (1/2 time) while remaining at Prophetstown (1/2 time)(Prairie South District). Joey follows Kicheon Ahn who is appointed to Millidgeville/Coleta (Prairie South District).
  • Tennille Power (District Superintendent Supply) transferring her candidacy to East Ohio from Hazel Crest Community (Lake South District).
  • Daniel Diss (Full Elder) to Los Gatos (California Nevada) from Glen Ellyn: First (Prairie Central District)
  • Wes Dorr (Full Deacon) to Evanston Township High School (Appointment Beyond the Local Church) from Oak Park: First (Lake North District).
  • Hannah Kardon (Full Elder) to Interfaith America (Extension Ministry) while also assigned as interim for the newly created ½ Associate Pastor position at Oak Park: St John’s and Chicago: Edison Park (Lake North District) from Sabbatical.
  • David Price (Full Elder) to Glen Ellyn: First (Prairie Central District) from Lansing: First (Lake South District). David follows Daniel Diss who is appointed to Los Gatos (California Nevada Conference)
  • Lisa Teloman (Full Elder) First UMC of Redondo Beach (California Pacific Conference) from Geneva Associate (Prairie Central District)
  • Clayton Edwards (Provisional Elder) to full time Site Pastor (Associate) for Deerfield: Kingswood as Buffalo Grove: Kingswood adopts and merges with: Deerfield Christ to create a multi-site ministry (Lake North District). 

June Announcements

  • Dave Burestetta (346.2) to Minooka (3/4 time) (Prairie South) and Shorewood NFC (1/4 time) (Prairie Central District). Dave follows Sarah Hong who is appointed to Rockford: Aldersgate and Beth Eden (Prairie North District).
  • Debra Tinsley Taylor (Retired Elder) to Manhattan (1/4 time) (Lake South District). Debra follows Melwyn Alagodi who is appointed to Lena and Stockton: Wesley (Prairie North District).
  • Jarrod Severing (Full Elder) to Bartlett: Journey of Hope as Elgin: Journey of Hope (Prairie Central District) adopts and merges with the congregation to create a multi-site ministry. Jarod follows Darrien Atkins whose ministry is concluded.
  • Kari Lindholm-Johnson (346.2) to (interim) Chicago: Urban Village Church (Lake North District). Kari follows Chan-Ik Choi who is appointed to Carol Stream: St. Andrews (Prairie Central District).
  • Sandra Gulledge (District Superintendent Supply) to Dolton: Faith (Lake South District) (1/2 time). Sandra follows Charles Straight who is appointed to Chicago: Eastside (Lake South District).
  • Kimberly Davis (Full Deacon) to Riverside: Woodside (1/4th time) (Lake South District). Kimberly follows Debra Tinsley Taylor who is appointed to ¼ Manhattan (Lake South District) and continues to serve in her appointment beyond the local church.
  • Valorie Tatum (District Superintendent Supply) to Hazel Crest Community (1/4 time) (Lake South District). Valorie follows Tennille Powers who is transferring her candidacy to East Ohio. 
  • Harlene Harden (Retired Elder) to Franklin Park: First (1/4 time) (Lake North District) from retirement. Harlene follows Fernando Siaba who has been serving as an interim.
  • Seonwoog Hwang (346.1) to Skokie: Jesus Love (Lake North District) from Nashville Korean (TN Annual Conference). Seongwoog follows Sun Hyung Jo who is appointed to Wheeling: First Korean (Lake North District).

July Appointments

  • Linny Hartzell (Elder) to Harvey: Transformation (1/2 time) (Lake South) while continuing to serve Homewood: St. Andrews (1/2 time). Linny follows Addison Shields who returns to retirement.
  • John Bell (Elder) appointed under ¶ 345 to an Ecumenical Shared Ministry with First Lutheran Church (ELCA) in Louisville, Kentucky.
  • Michele Watkins (Provisional Member) to St. John’s University in Queens New York as Assistant Professor of Theology and Religious Studies from University of San Diego. Effective September 1.
  • Hannah Phillips Mollenkamp (District Superintendent Supply) to Sycamore: First as Associate (Prairie South). Hannah follows Joe Munroe who is appointed to Sugar Grove (Prairie South). Effective July 15.
  • Kyeong-Ah Woo (Elder) to the position of Program Manager, for Mission Engagement with the Mission Engagement Unite of the General Board of Global Ministries.
  • Jin Yang Kim (Elder) to Liaison for Peace and Justice within the office of the General Secretary at the General Board of Global Ministries from the position of Coordinator of Korean Peninsula Dialogue and Peace building at the World Council of Churches in Geneva. Switzerland. Effective June 12.
  • Teren Loeppke (Deacon) to Collaborative Center for Justice from Common Cause. Effective May 1.
  • G. Morris (Provisional Elder) to Lansing: First (Lake South) from Chicago: West Ridge. G. follows David Price who is appointed to Glen Ellyn: First (Prairie: Central).
  • Aaron McLeod (Provisional Elder) to Chicago: West Ridge (1/4 time) (Lake North) while also serving at Evanston: Sherman (3/4 time) (Lake North).

August Appointments

  • Fernando Candumbo de Castro (District Superintendent Supply) to Oak Park: St. Johns and one-quarter time at Chicago: Edison Park Associate (Lake North). Fernando follows Hannah Kardon, who has been serving as interim. Effective Sept. 1.
  • Matt Temple (District Superintendent Supply) to Chicago: United Church of Rogers Park, as part of the Northside Co-Op (half time) (Lake North). Matt follows Hope Chernich, who is appointed to Des Plaines: First (Lake North ).  Effective Aug. 1.
  • Charles Yoon (Full Elder) to Flossmoor: South Suburban Korean (Lake South) from Downers Grove: Faith (Lake South). Charles follows Chung Nam Kwak, who has been serving as interim. Effective Oct. 1.

September Appointments

  • Tanya Lozano-Washington (District Superintendent Supply) to Chicago: Adalberto (Lake North District). Tanya follow Jacobita Cortes who concluded her ministry. Effective August 15
  • Kun Sang Cho (Retired Elder Rocky Mountain Conference) to Mundelein: Vision (1/4 time) (Lake North District) as an interim. Kun Sang follows Kwan Woo Park who has withdrawn his clergy membership from the Northern IL Conference. Effective Sept 1.
  • Jake Cho (Provisional Elder) to Prospect Heights: Korean Central (1/2 time) (Lake North District) while remaining at Highland Park: Galilee Korean (1/2 time) (Lake North District). Jake follows Jin Ho Hong who is appointed to Leave of Absence. Effective Sept 15
  • Juyeon Jeon (Full Elder) to the newly created Associate position at Wheeling: First Korean (Lake North District) from Bensenville. Effective October 1
  • Juancho Campanano (Full Elder) to Downers Grove: Faith (1/2 time) (Lake South District) while remaining at Western Springs (1/2 time). Juancho follows Charles Yoon who is appointed to Flossmoor: South Suburban Korean (Lake South District). Effective October 1.

October Announcements

Appointment to Retirement

  • Martha L. Scott (Full Elder) to Retirement from Oak Park: Euclid Avenue (Lake North District), effective Jan. 1, 2024. Marti was ordained a Probationary Elder in 1975 (Central Illinois Conference), transferred to the NIC in 1980, and became a Full Elder in 1982. During her ministry, Marti served at Chicago: Lincoln, McKinley Park, Elsdon, University of Chicago Divinity School, Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary, Chicago Northwestern District (District Superintendent), and Oak Park: Euclid Avenue.
  • Reuel A. Talapian (Full Elder) to Retirement from Leave of Absence, effective Jan. 1, 2024. Reuel began his ministry in the Philippine Annual Conference an Ordained Deacon in 1988, and then an Ordained Elder in 1990. He transferred to the Northern Illinois Conference as a Full Elder in 2011. During his ministry here, he served Oak Park: St. John's, Chicago: West Ridge, Chicago: St. Matthew and Evanston: Hemenway.
  • Brenda Byrne (Full Elder) to Retirement from Durand/Davis: Calvary, effective Jan. 1, 2024. Brenda was ordained a Probationary Elder in 1991, and Full Elder in 1997. During her ministry, she served Willow, Kent, Freeport: Faith, New Milford, Fairhaven, Argo Fay, Thomson, Triumph, Northern Illinois Hospice and Grief Center (Rockford), Davis: Calvary, Rock City, Burritt, and Durand.
  • Mai Le (Licensed Local Pastor) will conclude her ministry at Chicago: First Vietnamese, effective Jan. 1, 2024. Mai was first licensed and served the Missouri Conference in 2015. She was appointed to Chicago: First Vietnamese in 2019.

Other Appointments

  • Chung Nam Kwak (Retired Elder) to Naperville: Woori NFC (Prairie Central District) (1/4 time) Chung Nam follows Sam Park who graciously served as an interim during an emergent situation. October 1. 
  • Kelli Harrison (Licensed Local Pastor) to Wilmette: Trinity (Lake North District) (1/2 time, Associate), which is a newly created position. October 15.
  • Vinay Pathak (346.2) to Chicago: Granville Ave (Lake North District) (1/4 time) while remaining ¾ time at Chicago: Indo Pak (Lake North District). Vinay has been serving pulpit supply at Granville for the last year. November 1
  • Lois Parr (Retired Elder) to Chicago: Urban Village Church (Lake North District) (1/2 time interim). Lois follows Kari Lindholm Johnson who withdrew for health reasons. November 1.
  • Tony Asta (346.2) to Oak Park: Euclid Ave (Lake North District) (1/2 time interim). Tony follows Marti Scott who is retiring.  January 1.

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