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2018 Appointments and Retirements

Bishop Sally Dyck announces the following clergy appointments for the Northern Illinois Conference of The United Methodist Church, effective July 1, 2018 (unless otherwise noted):

2018 Appointment Book

January Announcements

  • Cathy Caliendo (Elder) to retirement from Cicero: Wesley (Chicago Southern District) and River Forest (Chicago Northwestern District). Cathy became a Probationary Member in 2006 and a Full Member in 2012. During her ministry, Cathy served Cicero: Wesley and River Forest.
  • Rodney Dye (Elder) to retirement from Erie (DeKalb District). Rod became a Probationary Member of the Northern Illinois Conference in 2001 and a Full Member in 2004. During his ministry, Rod served Apple River, Lanark, and Erie.
  • Dean Francis (Elder) to retirement from Evanston: First (Chicago Northwestern District). Dean became a Probationary Member in the Western Michigan Conference in 1980 and a Full Member in Western Michigan in 1983. He transferred to Northern Illinois in 1995 and served at Evanston: First.
  • Harlene Harden (Elder) to retirement from Sycamore Associate (DeKalb District). Harlene became a Probationary Member of the Northern Illinois Conference in 1994 and a Full Member in 2000.  During her ministry, Harlene served at Chicago: Fellowship/Pullman, Waukegan: First (Associate), Chicago: St. James and Sycamore (Associate).  
  • Greta McDonald (Elder) to retirement from Downers Grove: First (Aurora District). Greta became a Probationary Member of the Northern Illinois Conference in 1975 and a Full Member in 1979.  During her ministry Greta served Elizabeth, Libertyville: First, New Lenox and Downers Grove: First.
  • Jason Turner (Elder) from Elmhurst: Faith Evangelical (Elgin District) to Extension Ministry at Dayone Pact. Effective July 17, 2017.
  • George David (Retired Elder) to Elmhurst: Faith Evangelical (Elgin District) as interim following Jason Turner's appointment to extension Ministry. Effective August 1, 2017.
  • Jonathan Hutchison (Retired Elder) returning to retirement from part-time service to Elgin: Wesley (Elgin District). Effective December 31, 2017.
  • Becky Nicol (Elder) to Geneva (Associate part-time) (Aurora District) from Leave of Absence. Effective August 1, 2017.
  • Joe Monroe (Local Pastor) to Sycamore (Associate Part-Time) (DeKalb District) while also serving at Maple Park: Grace (part-time). Effective November 1, 2017.
  • Nick Nicholas (Deacon) to Naperville: Community (Aurora District) as Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministries, from Manchester UMC in Missouri. Effective November 16, 2017.
  • David Haley (Elder) to retirement from Skokie: Central (Chicago Northwestern District).  David began his ministry in the Memphis Conference as probationary member in 1974 and a full member in 1977.  He transferred to Northern Illinois in 1980 and served Hermosa-Salem, Chicago: Berry Memorial, West Chicago: First and Skokie: Central.
  • Scott McClellan (Elder) to retirement from McHenry: First (Elgin District).  Scott became a Probationary Member of the Northern Illinois Conference in 1982 and a full member in 1984.  During his ministry, Scott served at Chicago: Bethel, Ravenswood, Hebron, Lindenhurst: Trinity, Wheaton: Aldersgate, Lena, Winslow, McConnell, Morris: First and McHenry: First.
  • Brett McCleneghan (Elder) to retirement from appointment to another denomination.  Brett became a probationary member of the Northern Illinois Conference in 1979 and a full member in 1982.  During his ministry, Brett served Palatine: First (Associate), Park Ridge: First (Associate), Glenview (Co-Pastor), Northbrook and Park Ridge: Community UCC.
  • Grace Imathiu (346.1 Elder) to Evanston: First (Chicago Northwestern District) from Naperville: Community (Aurora District). Grace follows Dean Francis who is retiring.
  • Glenna Olumstad (Elder) to retirement from Glencoe: North Shore (Chicago: Northwestern District).  Glenna became a provisional member in 2007 and a full member in 2009. During her ministry, Glenna served at Joliet: Hope and Glencoe: North Shore.
  • Uziel Hernandez (Local Pastor) to Elmhurst: Faith Evangelical (Elgin District) from Elgin: El Mesias and Carpentersville: Bethel Hispanic NFC (Elgin District).  Uziel follows George David (Retired Elder) who has been serving as interim for the appointment year.
  • James McDonald (Elder) to retirement from Downers Grove: First (Aurora District).  Jim became a probationary member of the United Church of Canada in 1976 and a member of the NIC in 1978.  During his ministry, Jim served Hanover, Libertyville: First (Associate), New Lenox (Co-Pastor), and Downers Grove: First (Co-Pastor).
  • CheonEui Oh (Elder) to Extension Ministry as Manager of Korean Communications with United Methodist Communication in Nashville from Sugar Grove (Aurora District).  Effective April 2

February Announcements

  • Scott Himel (Elder) to Glencoe: North Shore (Chicago Northwestern District) from Rockford: Christ (Associate) (Rockford District).  Scott follows Glenna Olumstad who is retiring.
  • Hwa-Young Chong (Elder) to Naperville: Community (Senior Pastor) (Aurora District) from Glenview (Chicago Northwestern District). Hwa-Young follows Grace Imathiu who is appointed to Evanston: First.
  • Vickie Hadaway (Elder) to Leave of Absence from Cherry Valley (Rockford District).
  • David Holden (Local Pastor) to Retirement from Paw Paw and Compton (DeKalb District).
  • Claude King (Elder) to Downers Grove: First (Senior Pastor) (Aurora District) from Olympia Fields (Chicago Southern District). Claude follows Greta McDonald who is appointed to retirement.
  • Kent Svendsen (Elder) to Retirement from Mendota: First (DeKalb District). Kent became a probationary member in 1993 and a full member in 1997. During his ministry, he served Plattville, Reynolds, Forreston/Leaf River, Millbrook, and Plano.
  • Eun-Hye Choi (Elder) to Glenview (Chicago Northwestern District) from Plainfield: First (Aurora District). Eun-Hye follows Hwa-Young Chong who is appointed to Naperville: Community.
  • Katie Voigt (Elder) to Erie (DeKalb District) from Pecatonica (Rockford District). Katie follows Rod Dye as he retires.
  • Mary Bohall (Elder) to Mendota: First (DeKalb District) from Chadwick: Hope, Hickory Grove, Fairhaven (Rockford District). Mary follows Kent Svendsen as he retires.
  • Daniel Lee (Local Pastor) to Rockford: Christ (Associate)(Rockford District) from Cary (Elgin District). Daniel follows Scott Himel who is appointed to Glencoe: North Shore.
  • Mark Harkness (Elder) to Cherry Valley (Rockford District) from Walnut (DeKalb District). Mark follows Vickie Hadaway who moves to Leave of Absence.
  • Jeremiah Lee (Elder) to Naperville: Community (Associate)(Aurora District) from Glen Ellyn: St. Thomas (Aurora District) as the church merges with Glen Ellyn: First.

March Announcements

  • Richard Wisdom (Elder) to Plainfield: First (Lead Pastor) (Aurora District) from Aurora District Superintendent.  Dick follows Eun-Hye Choi who is appointed to Glenview (Chicago: Northwestern).
  • Patricia Bonilla (Deacon) to Deerfield: Christ (Chicago Northwestern District) as Director of Family Ministries ½ time from Leave of Absence, effective 3/16. 
  • Mark Gilmore (Local Pastor) to Pecatonica (Rockford District) from Chicago: Riverside (Chicago: Southern District). Mark follows Katie Voigt who is appointed to Erie.
  • Tammy Scott (Transitional Deacon, pending Local Pastors License) to Sugar Grove (Aurora District) from Naperville: Grace (Aurora District). Tammy follows Cheoni Oh who has accepted an extension ministry position with UMCOM.
  • Anna Voinovich (Provisional Elder pending approval) to Downers Grove: First (Aurora District) as Associate Pastor from Barrington (Elgin District) as part-time Local Pastor. Anna follows Jim McDonald (Co-Pastor) as Jim retires. 
  • Jeffry Bross (Elder) to Aurora District Superintendent from Aurora: Flowing Grace (Aurora District). Jeffry follows Richard Wisdom who is appointed to Plainfield: First (Aurora District). Read Bishop Dyck's appointment announcement here.
  • Kurt Gamlin (Elder) to McHenry: First (Elgin District) from Woodstock: First (Elgin District). Kurt follows Scott McClellan who is retiring.
  • Richard Wagner (Elder) to Olympia Fields (Chicago Southern District) from Lake Villa (Elgin District). Rich follows Claude King who is appointed to Downers Grove: First (Lead Pastor).

April Announcements

  • Britt Cox (Elder) to Chicago: Church of the Three Crosses (Chicago Northwestern District) from appointment to another denomination. Britt follows John Hobbs who retired. Effective May 1, 2018.
  • Violet Johnicker (pending Local Pastors License) to Rockford: Brooke Road (Rockford District). Violet follows Nancy Vidad who is moving out of the area.
  • Timothy Biel Jr. (Elder) to Skokie: Central (Chicago Northwestern District) from Homewood: St. Andrew (Chicago Southern District). Timothy follows David Haley who is retiring.
  • Sharon Engert (Part-Time Local Pastor) to Millbrook (Aurora) from Bolingbrook: Crossroads Faith (Aurora District). Sharon follows Stevan Saunders who is appointed full-time at Plano (Aurora District).
  • Vickie Hadaway (Elder) to Sault Ste. Marie Central and Algonquin churches in the Detroit Conference as a 346.1 from Cherry Valley (Rockford District).
  • Sin-Gyo Jung (Provisional Elder) to Lake Villa (Elgin District). Sin-Gyo follows Richard Wagner who is appointed to Olympia Fields (Chicago Southern District).
  • Thomas Kim (Elder) to Extension Ministry as Director of Korean/Asian News at UMCom, from Oregon (DeKalb District). Effective May 21.
  • David Poust (Elder) to Walnut (DeKalb District) from Leaf River and Forreston: First (Rockford District). David follows Mark Harkness who is appointed to Cherry Valley (Rockford District.)
  • Derek Rogers (Elder) to Aurora: Flowing Grace (Aurora District) from Naperville: Wheatland Salem (Aurora District). Derek follows Jeffry Bross who is appointed as Aurora District Superintendent.
  • Steve Saunders (Full-Time Local Pastor) to Plano (Aurora District) from a two-point charge with Plano and Millbrook (Aurora District).
  • Glen Stewart (Retired Elder) and Joel McClellan (DSS) to Paw Paw and Compton (DeKalb District). They follow David Holden who is retiring.
  • Brittany Isaac (Elder) to Chicago Northwestern District Superintendent from Chicago: Urban Village (Wicker Park and Edgewater) (Chicago: Northwestern District). Brittany follows Zaki L. Zaki whose next appointment will be announced later. Read Bishop Dyck's appointment announcement here: Bishop's Announcement
  • Hyu Jae Lee (Elder) to Woodstock: First (Elgin District) from Highland Park: Galilee (Chicago Northwestern District). Hyu Jae follows Kurt Gamlin who is appointed to McHenry: First (Elgin District).
  • Satya Sudhakar (346.2) to Ashton/Franklin Grove (DeKalb District). Satya follows Laura Crites who has been placed on Medical Leave.
  • Deborah Tinsley Taylor (Elder) to Cicero: Wesley and Riverside (Chicago Southern District) from Aurora: Fourth Street (Aurora District). Deborah follows Cathryn Caliendo at Cicero: Wesley as she retires and Mark Gilmore at Riverside as he is appointed to Pecatonica (Rockford District).
  • Daniel Cochran (Provisional Elder) to Naperville: Grace (Aurora District) (Associate Pastor) from Hinsdale (Past-time Associate). Daniel follows Matthew Johnson who is appointed to Barrington.
  • Annie Gonzalez (Elder) to Metropolitan Family Services as Program Supervisor for the Healthy Family Program from St. Leonard's Ministries. Effective February 5th.
  • Matthew Johnson (Elder) to Barrington (Elgin District) (Associate Pastor) from Naperville: Grace (Aurora District) (Associate Pastor). Matt fills a new associate role at Barrington.
  • Lois Parr (Elder) to Washtenaw Intermediate School District in Professional Development training and coaching from Reconciling Ministries Network.   Effective September 2017.
  • Thomas Rawlinson (Elder) to Leave of Absence from Naperville: Community (Aurora District) (Associate Pastor).
  • Erin Simmons (Provisional Deacon) to Lutheran Social Services of Illinois as Master Child Welfare Specialist from the Chicago: Temple (Chicago: Southern District). Effective March 1.
  • Deborah Tinsley Taylor (Elder) to Retirement from Aurora: Fourth Street (Aurora District). Deborah became a probationary member in 2008 and full member in 2013.  She has served at Lockport: Christ, Morrison (Associate), Rockford: Centennial Multicultural and Aurora: Fourth Street. Deborah will continue to serve as a retired pastor. 

May Announcements

  • Corey Ashley (pending local pastors license) to Naperville: Wheatland Salem. (Aurora District) Corey follows Derek Rogers who is appointed to Aurora: Flowing Grace.
  • Melissa Hood (Elder) to Elgin: Cornerstone. (Elgin District) Lisa Follow is Jim Bell whose appointment will be announced at a later date.
  • Deborah Kang (Elder) to Urbana Wesley UMC Urbana, Illinois Great Rivers Conference from DeKalb: First (Associate).
  • Siegfried Schwirblat (DSS) to Orangeville and Afolkey: Bethel. (Rockford District) Sig follows Judy Sherk who served following retirement.
  • Melissa Meyers (Elder) to Freeport: Faith (Rockford District) from Genoa: Faith (DeKalb District). Melissa follows John Wesley Lee who surrendered his Elders Orders under complaint on April 13, 2018.
  • Elsa Noemi Meza (Pending Local Pastors License) to Elgin: Wesley (Elgin District) Elsa follows an interim assignment.  
  • Mark Schol (Provisional Elder) to Christ (Greater New Jersey Annual Conference) as a 346.1 from Chicago: Grace of Logan Square. 
  • Velda Wright (Pending Local Pastors License) to Sheridan (DeKalb District).  
  • Sun Ah Kang (Local Pastors license pending) to the three-point charge of Chadwick: Hope, Hickory Grove and Fairhaven (Rockford District), part-time. Sun Ah follows Mary Bohall who is appointed to Mendota: First (DeKalb District).
  • Sung-Eun Kim (Local Pastors license pending) to Forreston: First and Leaf River (Rockford District). Sung-Eun follows David Poust who is appointed to Walnut (DeKalb District).

June Announcements

  • Jim Bell (Elder) to Belvidere: First (Rockford District) from Elgin: Cornerstone (Elgin District) following Monty Fox who goes on Leave of Absence. 
  • Juyeon Jeon (Elder) to Genoa: Faith (DeKalb District) from Chicago: Epworth (Chicago Northwestern District),  Juyeon follows Melissa Meyers who is appointed to Freeport: Faith. Effective July 15. 
  • Jieun (Mori) O (pending Local Pastors License) to Red Oak and Wyanet (DeKalb District) following Judy Giese who is on Medical Leave. 
  • Zaki L. Zaki (Elder) to Roselle (Elgin: District) from Chicago Northwestern District Superintendent.  Zaki follows Melissa Hood who is appointed to Elgin: Cornerstone Elgin District. 
  • Hope Chernich (Provisional Elder) to Chicago: Logan Square: Grace (½ time) (Chicago Northwestern District) from a two point charge with Chicago: Irving Park and Chicago: United Church of Rogers Park. Hope remains at Irving Park ½ time. She follows Mark Schol at Logan Square as he takes an appointment in the Greater New Jersey Conference.   Effective 8/1.
  • Wesley Dorr (Deacon) continuing full-time at Chicago: United Church of Rogers Park with a consulting relationship to Chicago: Irving Park and Chicago: Epworth (Chicago: Northwestern District). Effective August 1.
  • Mosung Eam (Local Pastor) to Highland Park: Galilee (Chicago Northwestern District) from Hyde Park Korean UMC and Campus Ministry (Chicago Southern District). Mosung follows Hyujae Lee who is appointed to Woodstock: First (Elgin District).
  • Debra Hawkins (Provisional Deacon) to Advocate Christ Medical Center as staff chaplain in the office of Mission and Spiritual Care.
  • Lindsey Long Joyce (Elder) to Chicago: Epworth (1/2 time) (Chicago Northwestern District) from a two-point charge with Chicago: Irving Park and Chicago: United Church of Rogers Park. Lindsey remains at United Church of Rogers Park ½ time (Chicago Northwestern District). Lindsey follows Juyeon Jeon at Chicago: Epworth as she is appointed to Genoa: Faith. (DeKalb District)
  • Taekhwan Lee (Provisional Elder) to Chicago: West Ridge ¾ time and Evanston: Hemenway ¼ time as a reconfiguration of appointment time increments (Chicago Northwestern District).
  • Mary Rawlinson (Deacon) to the position of Acute Detox Counselor for the Family Guidance Center at Methodist Hospital of Chicago from Aurora: Hesed House. Effective June 11.
  • Ruben Rivera (Part-time Local Pastor) to Elgin: El Mesias , ¼ time (Elgin District) while also serving at Elgin: La Luz de Cristo Misio'n ½ time (Elgin District). Ruben follows Uziel Hernandez who is appointed to Elmhurst: Faith Evangelical (Elgin District).
  • Megan Smick (Elder) to Oregon (DeKalb District) from Rockton (Rockford District). Megan follows Thomas Kim who is appointed to Extension Ministry with United Methodist Communications.
  • Reuel Talapian (Elder) to Evanston: Hemenway full-time from a part-time appointment to both Evanston: Hemenway and Chicago: West Ridge (Chicago Northwestern District).

July Announcements

  • Lisl Heymans Paul (Elder) to Extension Ministry at Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary as Associate Director of Field Education from Family Leave. Beginning July 1, 2018.
  • Michele Watkins Branch (Provisional Elder) to University of San Diego as Assistant Professor of Theology and Religious Studies from Iliff Theological Seminary, effective September 1, 2018.
  • Audrea Nanabray (Elder) to Homewood: St. Andrew (Chicago Southern District) ½ time while remaining at Chicago: Faith (Chicago southern District ½ time). Audrea follows Timothy Biel Jr. who is appointed to Skokie: Central.
  • George David (Retired) to Cary (Elgin District) 1/4 time as retired associate pastor. George follows Daniel Lee who is appointed to Rockford: Christ as an associate pastor.
  • Woo Min Lee (346.1) from the Greater New Jersey Conference to Hyde Park Korean and Campus Ministry (Chicago Southern District) ½ time. Woo Min follows Mosung Eam who is appointed to Highland Park: Galilee.
  • Beverly Duke (DSS) to Chicago: East Side (Chicago Southern District) ½ time. Beverly follows James Galuhn who died while serving East Side.
  • Doug Williams (Elder) to Medical Leave from Barrington: Salem (Elgin District). Effective 7/1.
  • Laura Barkley (Elder) to Barrington: Salem (Elgin District) from Leave of Absence. Laura follows Doug Williams who has moved to Medical Leave. Effective 8/1.
  • Soon Sun Lee (Elder) to Wauconda Federated (Elgin District) from Durand. Effective 8/1.
  • Elizabeth Bowes (Deacon) to Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund as Organizing Manager from Leave of Absence. Effective July 2.
  • Regina Davis-Bridges (Deacon) from Seasons Hospice to Transitional Leave. Effective July 18.
  • Ryan Kiblinger (346.1) to Grayslake: United Protestant (Elgin District) from the Central Texas Conference. Ryan follows Joan Patten-Seaton who has been serving as interim. Effective July 15.
  • Lauren Rheingans (Provisional Deacon) to the Wesley Foundation at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities Campus as Campus Minister.

August Announcements

  • Dong Keun Lee (¶ 346.1) to Orland Park Korean (part-time) (Aurora District). DK follows Kun Sang Choi who served as Interim. Effective August 15.
  • Howie Snyder (¶ 346.2) to Rockton (Rockford District). Howie follows Megan Smick appointed to Oregon (DeKalb District). Effective September 1.
  • Nicole Snyder (¶ 346.2) to Durand (Rockford District). Nicole follows Soon Sun Lee appointed to Wauconda Federated (Elgin District). Effective September 1.

September Announcements

  • Carol Hill (Elder) Appointment to Another Denomination ¶345, lead pastor at Park Ridge: Community United Church of Christ from Dundee: First. Effective November 1.

December Announcements

  • Richard Mosley (346.1 Retired) to Chicago: Clair Christian as Interim, effective 10/1.
  • Wesley Dorr (Deacon) to Downers Grove: First as Youth Minister from Rogers Park: United.  Effective 12/1.
  • Mi-Sook Yoo (Elder) to Algonquin: Christ from Barrington: Barrington  (Associate.) Mi-Sook follows Ronald Greene who retires January 1. Effective 1/1/19.

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