Your Apportionment Faithfulness has Made a Difference [November 2016]

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It was an evening in May 2016, and I went home after a long day of doing pastoral visitations. When I got home, my wife asked me if I had brought the gallon of milk she had asked for.  I had forgotten!  I reacted fast and answered, “I will go and get it right now!”  On my way out of the store, I noticed a lady with two kids.  I approached her and asked her if she would want to register her kids for our music classes at church. At the end of the conversation, I invited her to church. They came the next week.  After their first visit, I called her and arranged a meeting with her and her husband. When I came to meet with them, they told me they didn’t have a church, but they wanted to join Emerge. Nelson, the husband, and I connected immediately and he started telling me about his life. He came from a very troubled past; was involved in drugs for all of his teen years; was a dealer for many years; but growing up he was able to depart from it. However, when he tried to do good with his life, Nelson suffer the consequences of his past and ended up living as a homeless person.  Fortunately, God brought him out of that!  When we met, even though Nelson was free from all of that, he still was lost in what he was going to do with his life. He has been controlled by his anger and not feeling worthy enough to do something great with his life. Since he came to Emerge, Nelson has been able to overcome his anger issues and is seeking to develop himself to his full potential. Nelson wants to serve the Lord, by using his past as guidance for the ministry God has called him for. He is currently in charge of the English Bible studies, and continuing to grow as a leader for the English speaking members of Emerge.  God only knows where this path will continue to take him!

Because of your apportionment faithfulness, the ministry of Emerge (this new faith community for the Hispanic community in Belvidere) receives some support and continues to offer life-changing, vital ministry to Nelson and other neighbors in Belvidere.

Thank you!

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