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Why I still support apportionments
Rob Hamilton, Chair CCFA
Photo by Kathryn Price, United Methodist CommunicationsIn the midst of the end of the year busyness and all the other work of Advent and Christmas prep, what has helped me, as a pastor, find the energy and motivation to encourage my congregation to fund our local congregation’s apportionments is rediscovering ‘why’ I support apportionment giving.

If I give up on apportionment giving, fewer immigrants receive help from Justice For Our Neighbors (JFON); lay missioners don’t receive the compensation they deserve; seminary students take on more debt; food pantries and soup kitchens have to turn people away – when I don’t support apportionments the best I can.

As the Chair of the Conference Committee on Finance and Administration, I want to pass along where we stand in 2016. Even though we were on pace in September to surpass our expectations, at the end of November the conference received $4,931,270 in apportionments, which means we are trending slightly behind 2015. This will make it difficult for our Conference to fulfill our General Church apportionments at 100% without a significant effort from clergy, laity and churches.

Additionally, trends also tell us that when Christmas Day and New Years Day fall on a Sunday (as is the case in 2016) apportionments receipts are low because church attendance is low. In my local church, I’ve been encouraging the congregation to work towards making up our deficit in these past few weeks in an effort to reach 100% apportionment faithfulness.

We thank all those who continue to work hard in their congregations to support our missional giving through apportionments. Finding my ‘why’ has given me hope that Jesus is still working through our church in many transformational ways. I also encourage you to consider rediscovering your ‘why’.

Click here for some apportionment resource tools or visit If you have questions, please contact me, Rob Hamilton, President CCFA at .

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