Join the World Series Cross-Conference Challenge for Haiti

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For the Northern Illinois Conference to receive credit toward the World Series Challenge for Haiti, all collected contributions must be submitted by the end of the business day Tuesday, November 8. We will share the final numbers as soon as we receive them.

Root for your team and support Hurricane Relief


Bishop Sally Dyck and the NIC Cabinet encourage you to root for the Cubs and take the challenge to donate to UMCOR and Hurricane relief for Haiti.

The World Series returns to Wrigley Field Friday night for the first time in 71 years after the Chicago Cubs beat the Cleveland Indians in Game 2. The series is now tied 1-1.

Let’s keep the momentum going! Join in a friendly cross-conference challenge to root for your favorite team and help raise money for Haiti Hurricane Relief!

Fans have waited a long time to see one of these teams win the Fall Classic … 1908 for the Cubs, 1948 for the Indians!  Who will it be in 2016: World Champion Chicago Cubs or World Champion Cleveland Indians?

Bishop Sally Dyck of the Northern Illinois Conference and Bishop Tracy S. Malone of the East Ohio Conference challenge you to show your support for either team and your conference by donating to Haiti and Hurricane Matthew relief through UMCOR. (Ironically Bishop Dyck hails from East Ohio and Bishop Malone from Chicago, but be sure that they’re cheering for their current “home” team.)

The cross-conference missional challenge was created to bring people together for a common cause. In the midst of all the excitement and energy around the World Series, we recognize that there are concerns across the country regarding specific team mascots that are considered to be offensive.

“The Indians mascot, particularly in the form of the Chief Wahoo caricature and along with use of drums and war whoops at Indians games, continues a long pattern of demeaning, mocking, and mimicking the Native people of America,” says the Rev. Dan Hawk, chairperson of EOC Native American Ministries.

The East Ohio Conference and the Northern Illinois Conference are working together for a common goal – raising money for hurricane relief in Haiti.

By giving in support of your favorite team, your dollars will make a difference to those impacted by this devastating storm which has claimed hundreds of lives and displaced thousands of people. Whether the Cubs or Indians win, we all “win” by giving a little more toward relief to Haiti.

“Bishop Malone and I are excited to help generate some additional funds to go toward Hurricane Matthew relief by encouraging a little good-spirited competition between our “home” annual conferences and their baseball teams. Both teams are “heartbreakers,” having missed out on winning the World Series for decades so we want to make sure that both annual conferences and their baseball fans have something to celebrate at the end! Please join us in giving generously,” said Bishop Dyck.

“Bishop Dyck and I are partnering on a creative idea to take advantage of the energy here in East Ohio for our Cleveland Indians and the enthusiasm in Northern Illinois for the Cubs,” said Bishop Malone.  “It excites me to provide a missional opportunity and challenge that will both support our respective teams and raise funds for the relief and recovery efforts in Haiti. I invite you to join us in seizing the opportunity to make a difference for Christ by making a financial contribution. Proceeds from this challenge will go to our brothers and sisters in Haiti.”

Contributions can be made through UMCOR’s International Disaster Relief Fund (Advance #982450) which will tally the amounts to determine which conference collected the most.

To donate online:

  • Click on the Donate Now button below
  • Submit your donation information
  • Enter your state and the name of your church –  so the conference and your church receive credit

If you don’t have a home church in the Northern Illinois Conference, select First United Methodist Church at the Chicago Temple.

  • Click Submit
  • To donate by phone, please call 1-888-252-6174.

The donation challenge ends on November 2, 2016. Follow updates on Facebook and Twitter with hashtag #wshaitichallenge.

Thank you for supporting the people of Haiti through your loyalty to the Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians. Together we are transforming the world!

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