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DIY Rally Against Racism


Organization Checklist

The DIY (Do-it-yourself) format encourages each congregation to organize an event that works for their church while bearing witness to the unity, commitment and leadership of the United Methodist Church across Northern Illinois.  Below are some things to consider.

  • Recruit a Task Force.

The task force will not only aid in planning.  They will form the nucleus of the rally and they will naturally recruit others and build enthusiasm.

  • Set a Date and Time.

Sunday, July 18, 2021, or

Any time during Annual Conference weekend, July 16-18, 2021, or

Any time in Summer 2021

  • Decide where and with whom you want to rally.

Each local church may decide where it can have maximum visibility.  Some ideas are,

If your church’s location is prominent, gather there.

If not, consider joining with another congregation or your entire cluster in a prominent location.

  • Decide how to observe the current COVID-19 safety precautions.

Register your church’s participation at 

Registration will add your church’s name to the growing list of churches United Against Racism and ensure that you receive email communications.

  • Check with local authorities

Learn if a permit is required

Alert law enforcement to your plans

  • Publicize the Rally

Immediately add the Rally to your church’s communication vehicle and announcements.

  • Personally Invite Members to Participate

The most effective way to build participation is through personal invitation.  Task Force members should be encouraged to invite their circle of friends in the church.

Consider a sermon or other means of grounding a prophetic witness against racism with our Christian faith and Wesleyan social activism.

  • Decide how you want to dress.

Options include:

Your “Sunday Best” right after worship

Your church’s T-Shirts

T-Shirts with the graphic are available for purchase at

  • Decide how to convey our anti-racism message?

Print your own signs by downloading the graphic above at

4’ x 8’ Banner (reinforced vinyl) $109.00

5 Yard Signs (including H-shaped ground stakes) $  49.95

Allow 2 weeks for delivery.

  • Hold a sign painting party to make homemade signs, such as:

“HONK for Racial Justice”

“Praying for Racial Justice”

“Tolerating Racism is Racism”

“Only Love can Overcome Hate”

“Love, Not Hate, Makes America Great”

  • Share photos and videos.

Take photos and videos and share them on social media at #rallyagainstracism.

Email them to

After the event, the photos will be compiled into a video to be shared across the Annual Conference.

Register your church's rally here

Download Checklist

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