NIC UMM top meals for millions list

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George Grove, Wade Mays and Steve Nailor

The Northern Illinois Conference United Methodist Men won the “Meals for Millions” Award for most money giving to the Society of St. Andrew in 2016 with the NIC Rockford District number 3.  The money these men gave helped to provide over 1 million servings of food to those in need.

“The need has never been as great as it is right now in our country. The Northern Illinois Men have consistently led the way in attacking the issue of hunger. On behalf of all those that are fed we appreciate the support to meet this great need,” said Wade Mays, director of the Meals for Millions program.
  1. Northern Illinois                 $21,255
  2. Virginia                                 $18,464
  3. Rockford District                $13,785
  4. Baltimore – Washington    $12,475
  5. Detroit                                  $11,880
  6. Missouri                               $8,780
  7. Indiana                                 $8,745
  8. Upper New York                $7,971
  9.  Susquehanna                    $5,419
  10. North Carolina                  $4,670


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