NIC Camps Host Social Justice and Inclusivity Retreats

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NIC Camps Host Social Justice and Inclusivity Retreats

Both Reynoldswood and Wesley Woods are leading the way in answering the Cabinet’s questions, Who is my neighbor, and how are the kids?, by providing safe, hospitable retreat space for diverse groups to openly pursue social justice and to practice inclusiveness while reflecting, praying, and seeking God’s presence and peace. Four such guest groups this past summer were Camp Everytown, Cicero UMC LGBTQIA Small Group, Kreider Autism & Day Programs, and Camp SOAR.

@Reynoldswood Christian Camp & Retreat Center

Kreider Services, a private, not-for-profit, charitable organization provides an array of programs and services including development/skill training, a production department that provides on-site training and employment, a community employment service, individual supports, respite care and Early Intervention for children 0-3 years of age.

Over the past two years, Reynoldswood has provided facilities and programming for the Autism & Day Programs of Kreider. The Autism program focuses on youth, while the Day program allows persons with developmental disabilities to come and enjoy the camp setting. Both programs enjoy our Christian Hospitality, overnight facilities, programming, and beautiful grounds.

Cicero UMC’s Small Group LGBTQIA (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual), has enjoyed Reynoldswood’s hospitality and beautiful outdoor setting for two consecutive years. The young adults, with adult leaders, have sessions, campfires, and meaningful experiences (including teams course, archery, and canoe trips) to help them understand that there are safe places out there in the world, where they are accepted for who they are, and the talents they have.

“It has been truly an awesome and educational experience, to share our Christian Hospitality, facilities, and programs, with all of these unique individuals,” shares Eric Hoffman, Site Director at Reynoldswood. “To see smiles, hear laughter, and to feel the Holy Spirit touching the lives of all who come here, draws our staff closer to understanding the Great Commission, to spread the Word of God to people of all nations.”
@Wesley Woods Retreat Center

Everytown Wisconsin is a major program of the YWCA Southeast Wisconsin and is an intensive social justice, youth leadership program for high school aged youth that deals with multiple “isms” including racism, adultism, sexism, heterosexism, and able-ism.  This program is a week-long camp.  Everytown Wisconsin is designed to challenge individuals’ beliefs and assumptions about themselves and others by providing information that corrects misconceptions, teaching youth ways to combat false assumptions and stereotypes, and offering experiential activities that help them practice the skills they have learned.

Camp SOAR (Special Outdoor Adaptive Recreation) is a program offered by the Children’s Research Triangle. Camp SOAR provides outdoor and recreational opportunities for children and teens with special needs who otherwise might have limited opportunities to participate in summer camp. Camp SOAR offers two Sunday through Friday sessions to over 100 children and teens with myriad developmental challenges including autism, Down Syndrome, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, cerebral palsy and many other physical and/or cognitive special needs, including those requiring total care. Each camper is assigned their own counselor with additional staff facilitating the many typical fun camp activities such as swimming, dance parties, magic shows and outdoor concerts.

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