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Phishing Email Alert

We have been made aware that an email is going around that looks like it's from Bishop Sally Dyck asking for a favor to run an errand for her and asking for a response.

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New Tighter Restrictions in Illinois

We are all COVID-fatigued after these 7+ months but COVID-19 is not fatigued of us! It continues to rage in our communities. As you know, the Illinois Department of Health and the Governor have placed more restrictions on four counties starting this Friday, October 23 for at least the next 14 days.

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A virtual first for annual conference

“When did I first start zooming?” I wondered one day. I went back in my virtual calendar and to the best of my knowledge, it was September 10, 2019. Almost to the day of writing this, it’s been a year of Zoom video conferencing. But not all days and weeks and months of zooming are equal. Since mid-March, I have been zooming every day, sometimes for hours. My guess is that many of you have been zooming these last months (or using another platform like Zoom). Even my 88-year-old mother zooms (when her computer works), and she’s very proud to be the only person in her senior facility to do so.

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UMM Spiritual Congress: Finding Solutions to the Challenges of Our Time

The United Methodist Men’s online Spiritual Congress 2020 brought clergy and laity together to hear top leaders discuss ways to mitigate and eventually eliminate racism.  Some speakers were general in their presentations, but others gave concrete ways to improve understanding, build trust, and break down barriers.

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Churches respond to call to denounce racism

For too long, in so many of our churches and communities, racism has been willfully ignored—and even perpetuated. The Bishop's message, building on generations of antiracism work in the church, inspired the Northern Illinois Conference (NIC) to formally adopt the goal of living out the conviction that racism is incompatible with Christian teaching.

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Anti-Racism Task Force launches resource webpage

The NIC Anti-Racism Task Force is now rolling out Phase I of their online presence—and they are excited about their webpage and Learning Path!

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