Cover artwork by Jordan, age 9 and Lauren, age 10, from Mt. Hope UMC in McHenry.

With the new quadrennium, the Northern Illinois Conference Board of Global Ministries has updated the Rainbow Covenant Booklet for 2016-2020. It can be downloaded online and printed copies will be mailed in the fall to each church. Donations to help defray the cost are welcomed.

The NIC Board of Global Ministries took this opportunity to make a few changes to the Rainbow Covenant. Over the years, bands had been added to address different areas of mission and it had become unwieldy and confusing for the local churches who were working on becoming Rainbow Covenant churches.

There are now just six bands: Red – International Advance Projects, Orange – Disaster Relief(UMCOR), Yellow – US-based National Advance Projects, Green – Northern Illinois Conference (NIC) Advance Projects, Blue – NIC District Advance Projects, and Purple – Missionary Support.  A church can become a Rainbow Covenant church by paying their apportionments in full and by giving financially to at least one project under each band.

To access the new booklet online go to: www.umcnic.org/rainbowcovenant.

The members of the Board of Global Ministries hope you like the changes made to the Rainbow Covenant and that you will be excited to help your church be connected with the various projects and missionaries. Being in mission with others is an important part of being a United Methodist – whether locally, globally, personally or through giving.

The Rainbow Covenant is your tool to make mission happen! Click here for more details.

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